How To Make Yourself Cry: Fake Cry In Less Than 10 Seconds

How to make yourself cry is a particular post which has some mixed feelings in it. You can call it entertaining, you can call it hilarious, you can call it relieving, and you call it anything that suits you.

Here we will be telling you how to make yourself cry or shall we say how to spawn a fake cry.How-To-Make-Yourself-Cry

There are many instances where you are extremely needful of generating a fake cry, but you can’t because the conditions of the situation aren’t that emotional that is enough to make you cry.

If such a situations happens, and you don’t cry, or if you want to avoid a situation, or you are an actor in a drama who needs to shed crocodile tears to enhance those special moments, or you need sympathy, or you simply want to empathize with someone, in such cases what would you do? Obviously you don’t want to be judged on the basis of your not-so-emotional behavior, so what to do then?

The answer is to spawn a fake cry!

Read on to find out how to make yourself cry:

NOTE: The  techniques on how to make yourself cry are not to be used in the wrong way, try to make the situation convincing rather than faking the whole situation!How To Make Yourself Cry

According to some, crying is a sign of being week, others say crying is a sign of you being a person with a sensitive heart; few say that crying is a source of relieving yourself from all those sufferings you have been through. So it depends upon the situation weather crying is good or bad, but if you really aren’t the crying types we can teach you how to shed a tear or two with this post on how to make yourself cry:

How To Make Yourself Cry Fast:

This category is specially meant for those people, who need to react on the spot. It can be the pain of someone or it can be a situation you are desperate to avoid, tears can be really helpful at such instances. So following are some measures that will make you learn How to make yourself cry within seconds:

  1. Use Memories To Cry Within Seconds

How To Make Yourself Cry - Use Memories

Try recalling a few most painful experiences or memories of yours. Focus on it, and within seconds you would be faking a cry!

In case you don’t have any such memories to cry upon, try creating something painful in your mind. That would help you shed crocodile tears instantly!

  1. Use Menthol To Fake A Cry

How To Make Yourself Cry - Use Menthol

Get some chest rub. This product is easily available at drugstores, and is used to open nostrils and sinuses by the people infected with cold.

Put a little bit of the chest rub on a clean tissue. In case you don’t want to fake a cry at that particular instance you can secure it in a plastic bag to use it when the right moment comes.

Rub the dabbed tissue under each eye. When the time comes start being pretentious, that the particular situation has affected you a lot

Then use dabbed tissue to apply just a little bit of it under the bottom lash line of each eye. Due to its proximity to your eyes tears will start rolling down your cheeks.

This procedure may take 30 seconds or so, till then you can initiate your drama by making crying noises.

The mentholated rub makes you skin look shiny, so if the desired amount of tears are not produced, still your eyes will look wet.

NOTE: Do not apply the rub inside your eyes, it can be harmful.

How To Make Yourself Cry Hard :

  1. Eat a Hot Pepper To Cry Hard

How to make yourself cry hard

Strong enough? Try munching a jalapeno pepper. In case you are sensitive to peppers, a seedless jalapeno is strong enough to make your eyes produce tears. In case you

In case you are in the habit of eating really spicy food, you will be needing a really hot jalapeno.

PRECAUTIONS: Do not forget to use gloves while handling hot peppers. Touching a jalapeno and then touching your eye will cause extreme tearing and irritation. It can also cause your eyes to swell because of the excess burning sensations.

In case you can’t take a risk of eating a jalapeno, you can try chopping onions. Just make sure it’s white, as it contains the chemicals which makes the eyes teary.

Jalapeno is to be taken just when u need to cry. Eat just a small pepper, before swallowing let it roll over your tongue and against the roof of your mouth. If that amount was not enough, eat some more.

Remember, keep your mouth closed, as the chunk of jalapeno would be visible in your mouth. Avoid any VISIBLE chewing motions.

In case you want to repeat the step you can hide yourself doing the procedure behind a handkerchief.

How To Make Yourself Cry In Seconds

Open Your Eyes To Make Yourself Cry In Seconds:

How To Make Yourself Cry - open them

Open your eyes wide. By this technique we aim to make the eyes extremely dry so that tears can be produced to clean the dirt accumulated on the surface of the eye.

For this technique to work the best you need to hold the top and bottom of your eyes by your thumb and index finger. That will avoid your eyes from blinking.

In case you want your eyes to dry up faster sit in front of a fan.

That will rapidly dry your eyes which will eventually produce tears to wash them.

With this trick you can spawn a fake cry without hurting your mouth or accidentally burning your eyes.

Another Tip

Drink a lot of water. If your body doesn’t have enough fluid, you won’t be able to reproduce tears.

Try the opposite tactics and fight tears. If you find it difficult to make yourself cry, sometimes it is better not to do so and act as if you are fighting tears. Sometimes it’s more touching, especially if you have a “cold-hearted” reputation. Plus, it may look more believable because this way you will seem more vulnerable. Here are several tips providing by TheHomeDweller

  • To practice, try to cry along with an actor in a touching movie scene.
  • Try to blink fast – sometimes it causes tears.

Don’t do this with too much of drama or obviousness though – the person you’re trying to convince may get suspicious. Make it look like you don’t really want to cry in front of anyone. Pretend to be a little embarrassed. You can even apologize for your tears, just don’t go over the top, otherwise, people might think you’re pretending.

NOTE: Be cautious about anything harmful entering your eyes. That can cause a lot of damage.

Don’t forget to share your experience and let us know if our tips on “How to make yourself cry” really worked for you or not!!

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