How To Make Your Period Come Faster: 11 Natural Safe Methods

Hey people! Today I am going to discuss the subject how to make your period come faster. It looks like a small problem; however its criticality increases as it runs behind the schedule. Though it is something that causes pain, irritation, acne and many other unwanted issues, still we girls want it to be on time. The usual Menstrual Cycle (MC) of a healthy woman take 28 days, although it is not same for all the women and can even vary with the situations.


There can be numerous reasons on why you want your periods to appear sooner. I would like you to first have a quick look at these reasons and just after this, we will see the ways on how to make your period come faster.

  1. Periods before some event: There is a pool party and you are excited to go, and suddenly you remember the date is overlapping on those 5 critical days. This can be a reason for you to pull your periods ahead, as they are irritating, annoying and sometimes even painful.
  2. Crossed your MC date: This is the most common reason for a woman to induce the period, they have irregular MC cycle and hence skips the period date.
  3. Breastfeeding: If you are a breastfeeding mother then your periods might get delay by three months to a year. And if you still want them to appear then you can go with the beneath stuff.
  4. Worried about pregnancy: Remember, so as to quit your pregnancy, to induce your period is not a wise way. It will be better for you to get yourself checked and then apply the below measures.

How to make your period come faster might sound big but it is not a huge question, for this, you can take the help of these simple tricks and home remedies:

If you are the one, taking the twinge of irregular periods then you may want to know how to make your period come faster.

1. Take Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is the most delicious and nutritious mode of getting your periods. It makes your body produce estrogen and it is also considered that vitamin C can improve the measure of the uterine lining and this makes it the best emmenagogue (the substance that can induce periods). Some even say that eating vitamin C rich food shrinks the uterus and boosts the MC cycle.

02You can get Vitamin C from papaya, broccoli, pepper, kiwi, tomato, leafy veggies and citrus fruits like, orange, lemon, and lime. On an average a body daily requires 60mg of Vitamin C, so, if you are willing to take the supplements, always keep the amount in your mind. You can even drink a lot of tropical juices as well. It might not be as fun as the next way I am going to tell, but this one is certainly more convenient.

2. Have Sex:

Sexual intercourse causes stimulation of the vagina, which ultimately results in the increased blood flow to the required direction. As said by the Health MD, after a healthy sexual intercourse, vagina relaxes and triggers the shedding present in the uterine lining. I know this can be the most pleasuring process on how to make your period come faster.

3. Expose To Sun-Light:

It is even found that the deficiency of Vitamins can even make your period go uneven. So as to make it scheduled you should try taking some morning sunlight. Morning sunlight contains the good amount of Vitamin D, and this vitamin is necessary for the absorption of calcium in the body. For this, you can take 15 minutes of direct sunlight with uncovered skin and without applying any sunscreen.

4. Try Some Herbs:

Some herbs can induce women’s MC cycle. There are some herbs like parsley and ginger that can capable to enlarge your uterus and hence can push your periods ahead. These herbs can also balance the already imbalanced hormones which ultimately results into faster periods. You can take these herbs in your morning tea and also at night before bed.

5. Hot Bath:

There is no proof present on the value on this one, except I have found many women considering a hot bath useful from there end. Or you can say it might be helpful as hot water bath relaxes your body and make it release emotional as well as physical stress.
You can even seek some hot stomach compress. This little hotness can relax your abdomen muscles thus stimulating blood flow from the uterus in the direction you need.

6. Eat Jaggery:

You usually found your mother suggesting you this one when you miss your period date. This is not amongst an old wives tale; eating jaggery is actually the cheapest and the easiest way on how to make your period come faster. For this, you can make a super healthy jaggery and ginger juice and drink it empty stomach or before having your breakfast. If you are not a ginger fan then you can also eat jaggery along with some Sesame Seeds earlier to the breakfast.

7. Throw Out That Stress:

If you are the one fighting with irregular periods than stress can be your major villain. And to give a tough fight to an uneven MC cycle you have to get rid of this. For this, you should avoid being in contact with the situation that can make you go stressful.

You can also try a good massage therapy or meditation, as it can be a good stress buster or can even go on hassle-free vacations, here even a small weekend can work. Or the best thing you can do is to be with someone that can share your worries.

8. Tea:

While talking about how to make your period come faster what can be better than a cup of tea? A cup of strong ginger tea can induce your periods. For this you have to take a cup of water, boil it in a pot add few pieces of chopped ginger, here you have to add honey rather than sugar for sweetness. The quantity of ginger will be completely your choice depending on the flavor of the need you want. Try this twice a day and see results.

9. High Iron:

Go with the food having a healthy amount of iron in it. You can give a try to egg yolk and red meat as well. This can replace the hemoglobin present in your body with the red blood cells thus giving you happy; I mean trouble-free periods.

10. Little Exercise:

Exercise is an answer to almost everything even to how to make your period come faster. A high-intensity workout releases endorphin which can lower the level of estrogen down and can also release stress and both these things together can give you a knock from period’s side. Before doing the workout you should keep in mind that you should never overdo it as it can even make your period hide somewhere in the calendar.

You can do some aerobics with a good music; however, some stomach exercise can even be fruitful for you as it makes the stomach muscles move and contract, resulting in earlier periods. You know what the other good thing about the regular exercise is; it can make your periods go easy without any pain.

11. Diet Change:

These small yet vital changes in your diet can bring your MC cycle on a track and give you regular and scheduled periods.

 Taking care of what and how you eat is very important when we talk about the MC cycle. You should have a timely meal and that too with a healthy amount of salt and oil.

 Go with the carotene-rich fruits like carrot, peaches, apricots, papaya, spinach and all.

 If you are interested in painless periods like every woman in the world then you can have a shooting amount of turmeric in your daily meal. Have it with steamed veggies or rice or you can even convert it into a healthy drink by adding turmeric, honey, lemon in a cup of water.

 You can even include more of red meat in your diet as it has good heating properties and can encourage your periods.

 Try to include celery leaves and stalks in your diet as it contains Apiol. Apoil is a substance known especially for uterus contraction. It also motivates the blood flow in the uterus and the pelvis thus giving you your awaited periods.


There are some safety measures one should always consider while inducing periods.

 I have given many remedies and for those who are allergic of any of the things mentioned above should leave the one and try the other. You should try the remedy that can give you some benefit rather can leaving you spoiled.

 One should always consult with the doctor before making use of any solution.

 Never forget the quantity of the supplements you are advised to take like the one I have described in vitamin c section, as higher quantity can make the things worse for you.

Side Effects:

This can also be a very important part in the topic and we can’t overlook it, though the side effects will be negligible if you are going with the natural remedies. Consider the given remedies in the mentioned amount. Never amplify the dosage.

Vidhita Naidu
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