How To Make Dry Ice: Fun Experiments At Home

How To Make Dry Ice Fun Experiments At Home

When we attend a concert, or maybe a party and shake a leg on the dance floor, or maybe a haunted house, the smoke which creeps on the floor makes the scene even more dramatic… isn’t it?

Magic of Dry Ice:

The magic of dry ice can be seen in grocery stores as well, we all have seen some food items which are available in specific months of the year, however nowadays they are made available to us all through the year in packets. Have you ever thought that how can this be possible?

How come fog creeps inside a closed room? How come the edibles remain so fresh even after being packed in plastics for so long?

Well this is all the magic of dry ice!

Read on to know more about it and learn how to make dry ice, for your next party or Halloween!

How To Make Dry Ice – Safety First:

How To Make Dry Ice - Safety First

Dry ice can be a fun experiment, however if mishandled, it can cause loads of damage! Therefore before initiating the given procedures, please get ready with your safety equipments!

Your safety can be managed by the following equipments:

  • A pair of heavy duty gloves
  • A cloth bag
  • Industrial duct tape (optional)
  • Source of carbon dioxide

How to make dry ice with fire extinguisher:

How to make dry ice with fire extinguisher

Making dry ice isn’t rocket science! Dry ice is in fact nothing but filtered CO2.

The main purpose of using a cloth bag is that we will be passing the CO2 , which will release CO2 and the residue which would be left will be solidified which is also known as dry ice.

  1. We repeat – Safety’s first! Before initiating the procedure, you get your heavy duty gloves on! Else you will end up having a frostbite!
  2. Ok so let’s get started, if you are good at gripping, then you won’t be needing a tape to wrap the mouth of the bag, in case you aren’t confident, then better make a nozzle by coiling the tape.
  3. Once you’ve made the nozzle, grab your CO2 canister, and start releasing CO2 into the bag
  4. You will notice that the CO2 is filtered, as the residue stays back in the bag which eventually forms dry ice!
  5. If you want your dry ice to last longer, you can keep the so formed dry ice in the freezer. This will extend its life.

How to make dry ice bubble:

How to make dry ice bubble

Alright this experiment is really fun! Really cool for kids to try it out! For making dry ice bubbles you will be needing:

  • Dry ice
  • A cup or a bowl
  • Soapy liquid
  • Water
  • A towel or a cloth strip
  1. Alright so, the first step here is to add some dry ice into the bowl.
  2. Slowly start adding a little bit of water, not much!
  3. The moment you add some water into your dry ice, you should see some spooky fog coming out of it!
  4. Dip the cloth strip in the soapy liquid, and drape it round the lip of the cup/ bowl
  5. Next you have to mix the above into the soapy liquid you prepared.
  6. The moment you add the dry ice into the soapy liquid you need to run it around the base of the bowl to mix it!
  7. When you finish running it, stay back and relax. You will see your fun dry ice bubbles being generated from the simple experiment!

How to make dry ice bomb:

How to make dry ice bomb

Alright this one’s for the notorious ones out there! Do you want to scare someone? So here is an amazing technique for you guys. For making a dry ice bomb you will need:

  • Dry ice
  • A plastic bottle
  • Warm or hot water
  • Tongs or gloves
  1. Start by filling the plastic bottle with warm water. Fill almost 1/4th of the bottle with warm water
  2. Next add chunks of dry ice into the bottle. Make sure you either use tongs or gloves to handle the dry ice
  3. Next you will have to put on the cap of the bottle simultaneously by squeezing the bottle.
  4. Put on the cap until and unless you start feeling resistance from squeezing it.
  5. Afterwards loosen the cap a little bit, do not stop squeezing it.
  6. Hurry up! Place the bottle on the ground and run towards a safety place
  7. And BOOM! You will be having the desired explosion after few minutes!

How to make dry ice fog:

How to make dry ice fog

This one’s for the once who want to add drama to the event they’ve hosted! For making dry ice fog you need:

  • Dry ice
  • A bowl
  • Warm water
  • Gloves

So let’s get started!

  1. First of all fill the bowl with warm water
  2. Start adding dry ice to it
  3. Remember to wear gloves for protection!
  4. The moment you add dry ice to the warm water, the bowl would start looking like a spooky little hole!
  5. The more water and dry ice you would use the more cool affect would come about!

Alright guys, this is it, you are all through with your dry ice lecture! Learning how to make dry ice is one of the most fun experiments you can do at home. So we hope that you’ve got loads of ideas after reading this post to add drama to your events.

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