Complete Guide On How To Lucid Dream?

Lucid dreaming..What is it?? What is it about?? How to lucid dream?? What are its benefits?? The stories which I have heard about lucid dreaming, are they all true?? These are some of the questions which often come to our brain. From many different places we get different answers according to their beliefs. In this article I will tell you about the different ways to do it and the benefits involved with lucid dreaming.

How To Lucid Dream

First let us get a brief description of what is lucid dreaming?? In lucid dreaming you are completely aware about the fact that you are dreaming. It is something like you instruct your subconscious brain , you want to dream about something and would like to remember it. In it while dreaming even though you are sleeping still you remain aware about the facet that you are dreaming. Now let us talk about its various techniques to learn it followed by its benefits.

Techniques for Lucid Dreaming:-

There are various ways for lucid dreaming but let us initiate with the most successful and beneficial one. In the first technique, always keep a journal or a recording device aside your pillow. So that as soon as you wake up in the morning, write down what ever you have dreamt about. Sometimes we do not remember it for long. So in that case a recorder would help. So as soon as you wake up record each and every part of your dream. In later stages it will become your practice and you would become proficient in it.

Another technique for the same is the “Reality check“. Always keep a reality check on you. Ask yourself many a times a day ” Am I dreaming”? Also inspect closely clock or text as het are nonsensical during dream. Also do inspect your hands closely as during dreaming they seem a little distorted. Slowly with practice during sleep you would start realizing by doing all these activities that you are dreaming while sleep.

Yet another technique is Mindful meditation. Daily for 20 minutes to 30 minutes do mindful meditation and follow silence. During meditation keep reminding yourself that you are good at lucid dreaming. Keep on repeating this affirmation or form your own affirmation while meditating. But be careful that your affirmation should be in positive tense. Do it daily till you are proficient in it.

techniques of lucid dreaming

Now there are certain scientific techniques as well for lucid dreaming as follows:

  1. WBTB (Wake-Bed-to-bed)- In this technique you have to wake up in the middle of your sleep and return back to your sleep after that. It is quite simple and easy to learn technique. Plus it uses the logic of alpha state of the brain.
  2. Autosuggestion– It is somewhat like law of attraction. In this technique you regularly keep reminding yourself that you are lucid and one day you will become as your subconscious will start believing it.
  3. MILD (Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams)- In this technique You need to go to sleep while keep reminding yourself that you are dreaming.
  4. WILD (Wake-Initiation of Lucid Dreams)- In this technique You have to maintain your consciousness while falling asleep and directly go to the sleep.
  5. VILD (Visual Induction of Lucid Dreams)- In this technique you do a repetition for a particular dream and then go to that dream and keep on do a reality check for the same.

lucid dreaming techniques for beginners

Now let us discuss some of the benefits of lucid dreaming:-

  • Lie you fantasies out- You can do what ever you want in your dreams we all know this. So once you start doing lucid dreaming you can live out your fantasies out and it will become more life like and real for you if you would learn it.
  • You will feel completely relaxed and revived for the complete day.
  • Experimenting with real life situations:- You can try out different situations or different solutions to your real life problems in your dreams. You can check what would be the possible outcome if you do a particular reaction or situation.

benefits of lucid dreaming

Hope you have enjoyed the article and it is off quite useful information for you as well. Please do not forget to share your experience of these techniques or any other techniques if you think is of prime importance for lucid dreaming. Will see you in next article with some other useful information. Happy Dreaming!!! ♥♥

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