Affordable Living in Makati

affordable living in makati

Located near the center of Metro Manila, Makati is a choice city for those who want to live in Metro Manila. Its business district provides plenty of job opportunities for Filipinos and foreigners. It has plenty of commercial centers providing for all of your needs. And the different areas in the city appeal to people from all walks of life.

When many think of living in this city, they might think of the upscale shopping centers like Greenbelt and Rockwell and the luxury and international brands they have and believe that the cost of living in Makati may be too high. This isn’t always the case, and here are pointers for living an affordable lifestyle in Makati:

Choose Your Home Location 

Makati offers residential real estate in different price ranges. If you’re looking for affordable properties to buy, consider the location of each property. The closer a property is to the business district or shopping centers like Greenbelt and Rockwell, the more expensive it will be. So if you’re looking for less expensive options, you might have to consider areas far from these places.

If you’re set on living as close to the business district as possible, you might have to narrow your search down to affordable condos for sale in Makati‘s business district rather than looking for a house. However, manage your expectations as condos closer to the business district fetch millions of pesos.

Be Careful Where You Shop

Skip the upscale shopping centers and instead go to shopping centers focused on affordability. The cost of living in Makati is 44.39 percent higher than Manila, and this is because some places price their products at a higher value. However, you can still find plenty of affordable places to buy your daily needs. A few of them include:

  • The Landmark Supermarket
  • SM Supermarket Makati
  • SM Hypermarket Makati
  • Cash & Carry Supermarket
  • SM Supermarket @ A. Venue Mall

Apart from supermarkets, you can find sari-sari stores and convenience stores in various parts of the city. You can even find wet markets or a palengke for fresh produce and meat.

Be Open to Food Options

For dining out options, avoid the high-end restaurants if you’re planning to stay on a budget. Plenty of restaurants start at P200 for a meal, while other restaurants have an additional service charge, which is usually a percentage of the total bill.

If you work or live near the business district, consider purchasing from “Jolijeep” stalls. There are food stalls located on the street that offer meals for as low as P70. There are also plenty of fast-food restaurants and convenience stores within the area that serve meals for P150 or less.

The best thing to do to keep to an affordable and low-cost life in Makati is to be conscious about what you’re spending and asking yourself whether or not you need to make a purchase. There are plenty of expensive places in Makati, but that does not necessarily mean that living in the city can’t be affordable.

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