How to Know When You Need a Plumber

The average American has 9 unfinished DIY projects around their home. We live in an increasingly savvy culture where you can YouTube every topic to find a solution.

With plumbing, however, the DIY approach is risky. Annoying problems that might seem minor can actually lead to a larger issue with massive repair costs.

It’s important to know Dallas leak detection when you need a plumber. Keep reading to determine whether or not your plumbing issues require a professional.

Gurgling Sounds

If a pipe suddenly makes a gurgling noise that it never used to make, something is definitely amiss within your plumbing. A blockage can lead to enormous pressure building up in your pipes, which then cause leaks.

In some worst-case scenarios, you could even have a collapsed pipe. If your washing machine is gurgling or the plunger isn’t helping your clogged toilet, it’s time to call in a professional plumbing company.

Slow or Blocked Drains

A shower or sink that drains really slowly, or not at all, is evidence of a larger problem down below.

Your first DIY line of defense is to purchase drain-clearing chemicals at the local hardware store. These are useful for clearing small particles like hair but they can’t dissolve the big stuff.

Professional plumbers have the tools and the know-how to physically remove the blockage. In addition to being annoying, a standing water situation also becomes very un-hygienic very quickly.

Sewage Smells

The sulfurous odor wafting from a sewer pipe is an instant health hazard. The smell can be unbearable and it most likely means you have a cracked pipe within your house or yard.

A recent storm can cause sewer backups as well. Walk the perimeter of your property to see if the smell is actually coming from your pipes or maybe from your neighbor’s.

These repairs are substantial and should only be done by a professional.

Visible Water

Water on your floor or a leak coming through your wall is a big deal. Most likely, the leak has been occurring for a period of time and the evidence is just now showing.

A broken joint or cracked pipe has to be addressed at its source. Water damage typically costs homeowners between $1k and $4k per incident, so the costs keep accumulating the longer it sits.

A professional plumber might have to replace a joint or even an entire section of piping. This definitely something that is not DIY-friendly.

No Hot Water? – Need a Plumber

Even after heavy use, your water heater should be able to fulfill your hot water needs within a few hours. If this isn’t happening, it’s time to get your heater inspected.

Water heaters can be dangerous when not functioning properly. Call a plumber to inspect the igniters, fuses, thermostats, and heating elements. They can also recommend the best unit for your specific home, should you need a replacement.

Don’t Get Wet

A plumbing issue is something that will never fix itself or go away. Admitting when you need a plumber will get the problem resolved efficiently and correctly.

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