How To Keep Cool Camping In the Heat? – Get Ready For Summer!



Excited about your next summer camping? Sure, you are. Enjoying your own company amid nature is an exceptional experience. And you shouldn’t let the summer heat ruin that. Even if it’s too sunny, you can avoid getting a heat stroke while camping. All you need is to know how to keep cool camping in the heat.

You can get a breathable and heat-friendly tent in the first place. Next, you should carefully pick a campsite with lots of shade by the trees. Using fans, AC, and drinking ice water from the fridge are just some super effective methods to avoid the summer heat.

One bad camping experience can ruin it all for you. Even though a hot summer is not quite suitable for camping, it’s still doable. All you have to do is carefully follow the steps we mentioned below. So, without further ado, let’s get into the topic.

How To Keep Cool Camping In the Heat? 

You don’t need an expensive tool to stay cool inside a tent. Small techniques followed correctly will help you enjoy the best camping week, even during a June heat. So, here we go with our ten tricks for you.

1. Carefully Pick The Camping Location

Don’t be too excited to establish a tent because of the view. You must check out whether you will face direct sunlight or not. If you love waking up late, we would highly suggest facing your tent against the east. 

We are not saying you won’t be affected by the sun all day long. But it’s the least you can do to enjoy some extra cool hours in the morning before the tent becomes a sauna. 

Because as the sun moves towards the west, the heat gradually drops. Once you are in the wild, you only need a compass to tell you the direction. 

Another great tip is to use trees as a shield. Establish your camp against a line of trees. Hence, the sunlight will be blocked by the large trunks. 

However, try to avoid gum trees as much as possible. Yes, the shadow is awesome, but it comes at a cost. You see, gum trees or Eucalyptus often drop branches without prior signs. 

If you stay under such trees at night, sudden branch drops might cause damage to your tent. Plus, there are other forms of accidents or injuries involved. 

 2. Assemble The Tent After Sun Drops

This tip is related to the previous one. You should not start unpacking your camping materials as soon as you get to the location. The problem with most traditional tent materials is that they trap heat. For simplicity, think about a greenhouse. 

That’s why keeping the tent folded inside a bag is highly recommended. Once you are sure the sun has dropped, start assembling it. Hence, you can sleep inside a cooler tent since the sunlight hasn’t touched it. 

Repeat it the next day as well. Try to get up before the sun reaches its peak. That way, you can avoid trapping heat inside the camp. But that’s not a big problem. Just fold the tent as soon as you get up. 

Next, store it inside a cool place away from the sunlight. The temperature will shift to normal within some hours. Finally, you can enjoy a cool tent when it’s time to sleep.

 3. Keep The Rainfly Off

Only use the rainfly if the weather looks rainy. It will help the raindrops to slide off your tent. However, we are talking about hot summers here. There’s no need for a rainfly in such cases. In fact, removing the rainfly will allow cross-breezing. 

Rainflakes can reduce the window space for sufficient air to enter the camp. But you should ensure the maximum space for air ventilation. Just removing the rainfly will instantly reduce the humidity level within your tent. 

4. Use A Tarp Over The Tent

Nobody loves to sleep inside a hot oven. But what if you can’t find a tree to hide behind? The tent roof will face sun rays and increase the temperature until it becomes unbearable. One useful way to block sun rays is by covering the whole tent with a tarp.

Yes, you have read that right. It’s not the coolest thing to look at, for sure. But you will be surprised by the instant results. 

Tarps are great reflectors. Unlike the tent, it keeps reflecting the sun rays in another direction. Hence, you can stay cooler for a long time. Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice camping in a beautiful place you like just because it’s too sunny. 

All you have to do is attach the tarp with four stands. It’s better to keep it higher. You can even keep the tent’s roof down and enjoy some lazy time under the tarp. 


5. Give Yourself A Dunk

It’s easy to keep cool when you are camping beside a lake. When it’s too hot, just swim for a while. It’s the most effective way to get rid of all the sweating. Don’t know how to swim?

In that case, carry a floating device with you. Attach it to your body and give yourself a quick dunk. Trust us, wetting yourself with lake water is the most relaxing thing you can do while camping. 

It washes away all the sweat and balances your body temperature to normal. You couldn’t have achieved this level of coolness by sitting under a fan or drinking ice water.

6. Keep The Food Cooler

What can feel better than eating something fresh out of the fridge? It’s cold and refreshing. Just what your body needs. But many people complain their portable mini-fridges don’t keep food as cool as they would like to eat.

For that, we would blame the lack of planning. According to experts, the one rule to keep your fridge cooler is actually to keep it full. You see, it’s easier for the fridge to reduce food temperature than hot air.

So, the best trick we have for you is to fill up the fridge as soon as you take something out. For example, replace a bottle with another one. That way, all your food will be cold for a long time. 

7. Choose A Comfy Tent

The material used in the tent plays the most significant role here. You can’t expect a pleasant experience if you are using a nylon or synthetic tent during a hot summer. You will face extreme humidity. If you haven’t bought a tent yet, check out the list below for a more summer-friendly option.

  • Mesh Tents

The number one suggestion for hot summer camping is mesh tents. It looks almost transparent, with lots of holes to let air pass through. However, the gaps are not big enough for bugs to enter the tent.

Of course, mesh tents are not useful when it rains. However, if you are sure the weather is sunny and there’s no sign of rain whatsoever, opt for a mesh tent.

  • Canvas Tents

Have you seen those white destination tents in deserts? Yes, those are called canvas tents. The material is thick, sturdy, and more sustainable. But the main reason we recommend it is its ability to handle humidity. 

You see, unlike nylon, these tents allow the humidity to escape the tent through the small gaps. That means moisture doesn’t get trapped inside the tent, causing you to feel more relaxed.

  • Hammock

Don’t like the idea of sleeping in a tent? That’s okay. Try a hammock instead. Hammocks are the coolest option among the three. If you are using it during the afternoon, that’s totally fine. 

However, many people hate sleeping without a hard surface under their back. If you fall into that category, you have to reconsider using a hammock.

8. Try Air Conditioning Methods

Air conditioning a tent is a little complicated, especially if you want to be all-natural. Here are two well-renowned methods of air conditioning a tent.

  • The Wet-Towel Technique

The best way is to keep some ice inside the tent. You can dip a cloth in cold water and run it across your neck and face. It instantly helps you to keep cool.

But that’s short-lived. If you want a longer cooling effect, try the wet towel method. Here, you need to wet a large piece of cloth. Then, squeeze the excess water out and hang it in front of the tent door or window. 

The purpose is to affect the air entering your camp. As soon as normal air touches the wet cloth, the temperature will drop a little. So, the final air touching your body is slightly cooler than usual. That’s how you get to stay cool inside a hot tent without any fan or AC.

  • Carry A Fan

The first method requires a lot of effort. It’s a hassle to wet the hanging cloth several times a day for the cooling effect.

 Instead, get yourself a portable fan. Such fans are small in size and powered by batteries. It helps to keep the humidity inside the tent in check as you sleep. We don’t think you will need anything more than that.

9. Wear Quick-Drying Clothes

Even though it’s a no-brainer, we would still want to address it. Wearing clothes that dry quickly is a must during hot weather. The sooner your clothes get rid of the sweat, the better you will feel. 

We would suggest wearing dresses made of cotton. One mistake we have seen people make is packing underwear that is not suitable for summer. 

If the inner layers of your clothing are wet, you are not going to feel comfortable at all. We highly suggest investing in cotton underwear that is easy to air-dry.

10. Stay Hydrated

We have given a fair share of tips on how to keep the camping environment as cool as possible. But what about your body? 

When you are trekking under the hot sun, your body loses a lot of minerals and water. All of this happens in the form of sweating. That’s why you feel so tired. It’s not impossible to say you are at great risk of having a heatstroke as well.

  • Drink Water

What can you do to avoid the consequences of camping during a heatwave? Well, first and foremost, make sure you are sufficiently hydrated throughout the day. 

For example, carry a water bottle with you all the time. Drink at least 2 liters of water. If you want better results, infuse electrolytes into the water before drinking. You will instantly feel more energized and cooler.

  • Improve Your Diet

Include some sort of vegetables or fruits in your diet while camping. It’s okay to have a little barbeque party beside the campfire. But the excess protein will increase your body temperature significantly.

 Drinking smoothies will help to balance out the inner temperature. You can carry a portable blender for that. Just cut your favorite fruits and blend them together to make a delicious and healthy drink.


Want to know more interesting facts on keeping cool during hot weather? Here’s our small FAQ section for you. Have a look.

Can I Keep Cool Inside A Tent With No Fan? 

Yes, you can still enjoy a cool night without any fans with a nice camping tent. All you have to do is wet a piece of cloth and hang it on the window. As a result, the air passing through the wet curtain will feel cooler. Another way to keep cool is using a wet towel on your neck and face.

How To Know If It’s Too Hot For Camping?

Normally, 95 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celcius) is considered too hot to camp. Check the weather temperature before stepping out of your home. If the temperature is 32 degrees celsius during the day, you would be fine camping by yourself.

Which Tent Material Is The Best?

Different tent materials work best during different weather. Since we are highlighting hot summers, you should get a mesh tent. Mesh allows the most amount of ventilation inside the tent. Plus, you can stargaze with your partner at night since the material is transparent.

What Is The Best Way To Sleep In A Tent During Hot Weather?

The best way to sleep in a tent is by wearing light clothes. Attach a fan to increase the air ventilation. Moreover, it would be better to sleep on a breathable blanket so that your body sweat dries quickly.


So, now you know how to keep cool camping in the heat. However, we would still recommend considering the weather temperature before you plan camping. It’s best to avoid such outings if the temperature is above 95 degrees Fahrenheit. You might risk your health by failing to stay hydrated. 

However, if it’s just a normal sunny day, follow this guide to help you out in the wild. You don’t have to apply each and every trick we mentioned here. Just pick the ones you find easier and more suitable for your situation.

And that was all we had in store for you today. Happy camping!




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