How To Improving Writing Skills In 2018

How to Improving writing skills

Essay Writing is an art to express one’s view on the particular topic along with issues involved. As today is a tech-Savvy world,  one of them is Cheap college essay writing solutions which students find it easy to have good researched  topic essay but that come  at a cost and does not contributes much to the all around development of the individual.

In other words essay writing is a short literary composition of one’s personal view on the topic which reflects one’s analytical thinking and is a kind of communication in which one exhibits his level of understanding of the topic and issues involved. However is not as simple as it seems .Experienced students are though comfortable in writing but fresher’s face lot of difficulty in writing essay. For this issues they start looking out at resources available.

How to Improving writing skills

Other way around is improving your writing skill by working hard until the perfection is achieved. If you wish to improve your writing skills and make your writing skills more persuasive and gripping.

A few tips to improving writing skills that you must follow are as following:

  • Topic Selection: Select the topic your are comfortable with and relate to so that you must have broader prospective to it. Research the topic inside out to have a closer view on the topic. It will help to map a outline on the topic like the main points to be covered, their serial order, issues related. With first step of topic selection you take a bird eye view on the topic selected  and accumulate all necessary Information.
  • Being HonestHonest voice always attracts reader and open door to new channels of communication helps to build consumers as the material is written with full of conviction.
  • Deciding your appropriate tone on the topic: Decide your target Audience for whom you are writing for. Taking into account your primary and secondary audience accordingly set the tone for your audience whether they require some professional information or it is just for the fun and laughter.
  • Planning and execution: Develop the content of the essay on the lines to the topic and subtopic you have thought to be included. Moving along your subtopics point by point explaining them individually and relating them together with the main to the main topic can help you easily frame the essay and solve your essay writing woes.
  • Revision and Edits: Once essay is complete through reading is very important, such kind of proofreading helps in detecting mistakes and improving further any chances, if any .

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Essay Writing:

Do’s of Essay Writing:

  • Easy To Read: While writing an essay keep the its structure easy so that main points are visible and the relatable with the reader. Get rid with extra word and phrases which creates confusion rather than sending a clear messages, stay focused to the clear goal and stick to the point.
  • Research: Do proper research of the topic so that you have enough material at hand and understand both pro’s and con’s of the topic. Accumulate all necessary Information.
  • Gripping Introduction: Creating Introduction that sets the theme for the essay and sets the right tone for the essay so that reader gets the appropriate hint about the essay aims.
  • Using transition between the paragraph: Using Transition connects the each idea with the previous one keeps the essay smooth and coherent. It helps the reader to stay connected with the reader which act as bridge between the paragraphs
  • Relate with Examples: Including examples in your essay makes it relatable with reader and further proves the evidences of the facts and information you are stating is truthful and convincing.
  • Simple Language: Using Simple Language alongwith keeping grammatical errors at bay reaches wider audience, is more relatable while complicated sentences create confusion and distracts the mind of the reader  rather than focusing on the topic itself.
  • Revise your Writing: Before you save the final version of the essay, it is better to revise the essay and erase loophole, creates a better chances  of essay being projected clearly.
  • Rewrite: While revising the essay if you came across any paragraph which does not clearly convey the message and it is better to rewrite and correct any syntax or grammatical errors.

Don’ts of Essay Writing:

  • Ambiguous Introduction and Conclusion: Introduction and conclusion are very important part of the essay writing . Ambiguous Introduction sets the wrong tone of the essay and diverts the interests of the reader rather than gripping the interest. Similarly ambiguous conclusion does not conclude the correct viewpoint of the essay leaving it ending abruptly without fulfilling its objective of focusing on the central theme.
  • Overburden your essay with Too many facts and information: Temptation to add every single information and facts in the essay makes it more cumbersome and exact aim of writing an essay seems to lose. It is better to narrow the topic and include the structured Information and relevant facts to prove your point. Filter irrelevant information and include important and streamlined information.
  • Do Not Plagiarize: Plagiarism is cheating and copying the contents from other sources. It is better to write your own after doing proper research taking viewpoints of everyone and writing your own version out of it. You can use 100% Free, Accurate and Immediate tool Plagiarism checker Online.
  • Avoid Negative Language: While framing and essay negative or pessimistic tone should be kept at bay. Even if, there are some complains it should be written in a more thoughtful and positive synonymous expression without changing the message that you want to convey.

Conflicting Point Of View: Conflicting point of view should be avoided while framing and essay. The tone of essay should be optimistic and point of view of the essay, the perspective of the writer about the topic should remain same from start to the end. Conflicting views creates confusion among the readers which makes essay inconclusive. It is better to stick to avoid conflicting Point of view.


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