How to Grow Cannabis: Beginners Guide

Grow Cannabis Beginners Guide

The legalization of medical and recreational cannabis in some states allowed adults to receive the proper treatment they might need. It also extended the possibilities for natural-born gardeners who prefer to grow marijuana themselves. However, not everyone knows how to do it, but with the simple guidance from this article How to Grow Cannabis: Beginners Guide and expert tips from the grow 420 guide, everything is possible.

It is always easier to buy already grown cannabis, but if you want to try to grow it, you may find the process relaxing and fun. This is also a perfect way to grow eco-friendly, free of any pesticides, cannabis. Basically, it is up to you which soil you want to use and whether you want to add something to it or not.

Top-6 Recommendations

Follow these simple recommendations to start your own garden. Even a starter in gardening will find the whole process simple.

1. Choose the place

You have to decide whether you want to take care of your cannabis garden indoors or outdoors:

  • An indoor garden is beneficial for people with enough empty space in their house and unstable weather outside. Besides, the indoor option is better for those who have nosy neighbors. It is simple to maintain; however, you still need specific tools and cannabis growing supplies to grow marijuana. You can gather the growing device on your own or buy already made one. Keep in mind that you have to provide soil, light, and water to grow cannabis. The plant must also receive fresh air.
  • Outdoors. This is a cheaper way to grow cannabis. However, you have to be twice careful with your plants. You also need to make this territory invisible to your neighbors and kids. If the neighbors use pesticides in their garden, you have to make sure your plants stay out of their reach. This way, you will save money on sun and air. You still have to make sure that the temperature outside is acceptable.

2. Decide on the light

You can choose different lighting options for your cannabis:

  • The sun provides at least 8 hours of sunlight every day;
  • Fluorescent light bulbs and LEDs. They are great for the indoor type of growing. These tools save electricity and are durable;
  • Fluorescent lighting covers big territory and provides bright light for the plants. However, it may be not bright enough for the flowering period;
  • LED grow lights are the most powerful lights on the list. You can choose between wide numbers of LED lights available on the market. Each of them has to be placed at a different distance from the plant, based on the model;
  • LEC lights offer natural light color. They produce the proper amount of light and don’t emit EMU like HPS;
  • Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium are suitable for commercial use. They are cheap and powerful. Yet, they are noisy and consume lots of electricity.

3. Choose the growing medium

Every medium has its advantages and disadvantages. The most popular options are:

  • Soil. You can start with composted super soil for your cannabis. From time to time, you have to feed the soil with nutrients;
  • Soilless Mix. There are vermiculite, perlite, coco coir options popular on the market. Basically, this is a mix of everything except the soil;
  • Hydroponics. Once you plant the roots into the water, you may call this method hydroponics. Combine the water, air, and grow lights, and you will receive outstanding results;
  • Other types of hydro. You may find versatile types of growing cannabis around the states. Some people prefer aeroponics, growing roots in misted air, others put the roots in a tank full of fish, which is aquaponics.

4. Pick the nutrients

You have to feed your plants to make them grow bigger. To do this properly, find out the pH of the soil. Make sure there are enough minerals and nutrients. Cannabis requires lots of vitamins to grow. Some of the nutrients are made for hydroponics and some for soil only. Pay attention to the recommendations on the bottle before you buy the treatment.

5. Get the plant

It is simple to get the plant if you know other growers. However, those who don’t have such friends can ask cannabis collectives to sell the seeds. The best option is to buy seeds from a trusted person. If you don’t know the seller, try to buy the plant online or in the seed bank.

6. Germinate the seed

To do it, place the seed in the starter cube that is made specifically for this purpose. It will keep the seed warm and moist. In a few days, you will receive the result you need. After that, you can place it in the soil or any other place you’ve chosen for growing cannabis.

To Grow or to Buy

This is a good question. The answer really depends on your preferences, the amount of time you have, and the results you want to receive. If you don’t trust the quality of the weed available on the market, you can try to grow it yourself. Though it may be a time and energy-consuming thing to do, in the end, you will receive only natural and high-quality products. You can always go back to buying already


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