How To Get Your Commercial Documents Attested

A business enterprise requires commercial documents to carry out essential business operations. Commercial business documents are for various processes including import or export, trade finance, shipping, and others. Global business expansion makes document attestation important for commercial documents. Here is a guide on getting your commercial documents attested for India.

Commercial Documents Attested

Why certificated attestation

In global trade, various situations require having legalized documents. The process is centrally handled by the Ministry of External Affairs in India. Some of the documents handled include shipping and transport documents according to your purpose. Attestation of commercial documents is necessary when performing business-related transactions including an application for a business visa. It is also required during business expansion or setting up a new outlet with a partner, or for any other business-related transaction.

Getting commercial documents attested

To get commercial documents attested involves various government bodies including getting a stamp and signature on them. This is necessary before submission of the documents for a business transaction. The process of getting commercial documents attested follows three basic steps. The first step is Chamber of Commerce attestation requiring taking your documents to a local business association for verification. Here, the documents are stamped and signed where necessary by relevant officials.

The next step for Apostille documents in India involves the Ministry of External Affairs. This is an arm of the government to manage foreign affairs. This handles offering the required attestation stamp and signature to all documents to meet requirements. Afterward, the documents should undergo through embassy attestation and verification from the country you need attestation for. This is the final process of legalizing your documents apart from Gulf countries that require Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation as well.

Some of the common commercial documents that need attestation include:

Memorandum of Association

This certificate is offered when setting up a new business. The memorandum of association has guidelines regarding the relationship between the company and customers or outsiders. It includes details including:

  • Name of the company
  • Scope of activities
  • Functioning of the firm

This document is known as a memorandum for having fundamental conditions regarding the basis of the company operation.

Article of Association

This document specifies the air and vision of the company with the responsibilities and duties of members and employees. The article of association describes association between staff, directors, and partners of the business. This document is very important and should be filed with the relevant Registrar of Companies. You need an attested article of association for authentication of details on the document before submission.

Company Profile

The company profile contains detailed information about the company. A company profile includes details including:

  • Business name
  • Head office address
  • Contact number
  • Website URL
  • Date of establishment
  • Primary products or services

Additionally, other details regarding the capacity of the business are also included in the company profile. These include the organization of the business, number of employees, and financial situation. You should have the company profile attested for authorities to identify the business and offer appropriate services.

Letter of Incorporation

It is a legal document concerning the foundation of your business or company. The letter of incorporation is issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs after registering your company. This is the license forming a corporation according to state government regulations and jurisdictions. You have to get this attested to make legalization easily by authorities in a foreign country.

Import License

This is a central government license issued to businesspersons importing products from a foreign company. The import license and appropriate documents are for submission to relevant administrative officers when importing goods. Having your import license attested is essential for importation of products from particular countries.

Board Resolution

This document includes all information regarding written decision made by the company board of directors. The board resolution ratifies particular decision taken considering board members’ views in good faith of the company. This document needs attestation to prove company expansion or opening of a new brand is approved after a resolution by board members .

Insurance Certificate

Insurance is very important for any business. An insurance certificate proves insurance coverage offer to your company by a provider. The insurance certificate has details including:

  • Amount of coverage
  • What the coverage is for
  • Effective date of the policy
  • Limits and deductibles on the premium

Attesting the insurance certificate is another very important requirement for global trade transactions.

Letter of Credit

The letter of credit is issued by a creditworthy bank to an exporter. This document is for international business purposes for proving credibility to the transaction. Also called banker’s commercial credit, this letter is mandatory to carry out importation or exportation of products. To avoid hassles, have the letter of credit attested.

Bottom line

Understanding the relevant documentation for international trade is very important. Equally important is having the documents attested to avoid hassles along the process. Commercial document attestation is essential in international business transactions when handled the right way.


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