How to get the Philippines virtual number?

Virtual Philippine number for SMS will allow you to stay in touch, being in any country of the world! Thanks to Hottelecom, you don’t need to purchase additional SIM cards or equipment to send and receive an unlimited number of messages: Thus, the maximum mobility of the service is ensured, so that the number will be active even if the user moves to another country.

Benefits of a Hottelecom Philippino number

1) Affordable prices

You can use the Philippine number service for your business at the best rates.

2) Sound quality

By choosing Hottelecom, you get excellent sound quality during calls, as well as several additional features of the service:

3) Automatic call-receiving function

The system automatically receives an incoming call even before it is forwarded.

4) Call reception setting

Set up call forwarding, call blocking, and more.

5) Extensions

An extremely useful feature for businesses that allows you to choose the direction of calls.

Why do you need a Philippine number?

If a business wants to offer its products or services to foreign consumers, it will often purchase that country’s virtual number. Usually, this number is used for:

  • receiving and sending messages;
  • receiving customer calls;
  • gaining access to Philippine services;
  • circumvention of restrictions in the user’s country;
  • using a number in Telegram.

The service will allow you to send messages abroad at lower prices, so you can save a significant amount of money on international calls. The service is also convenient for sending SMS, which will allow you to inform customers about new services, products, or promotions as soon as possible.

You can use a Philippine number not only for business but also for your personal needs. You do not need to buy any equipment to connect the service. After connecting the number, you can use flexible settings to select the parameters you need for your purposes.

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