How to Get Rid of Spam on Your Home Phone

If you’ve received aggressive calls asking for your personal information on your home phone, you are not alone. Home phones and landlines are vulnerable to these types of spam calls, even as much as your mobile phone. If you get one too many spam calls, there are some steps you can take to put a stop to it. 

Why People Choose Home Phones
First, you may be wondering why you need a home phone at all. There are several reasons why people opt for home phones, such as better sound quality, and the ability of the phone to work during an emergency. Many companies that offer TV and internet services know that their customers want to use a landline, so they provide home phone services in their packages.  

Since home phones are such a convenient option, you’ll want to create the best experience possible for yourself. By following these tips, you can learn how to cope with spam calls.  

Don’t Fall for the Common Tricks
If you’ve ever received a phone call that says there is a notice for you to appear in court, this scam is one of many that preys on your vulnerability. Be sure to keep the following in mind:

Don’t answer calls from unknown numbers. Even if you receive a call from a local number, that doesn’t mean the scammers are calling from your city. If you do pick up the phone, hang up right away.

  • Keep Identification Private. You must never give out any personal information like your bank account or social security numbers, or other means of identification. 
  • Check for authenticity. Another trick scam artists pull is claiming that they represent a government agency. That’s when you need to hang up the call and double-check with that agency to find out if it was an authentic message. However, if it is from a legitimate source, you would likely get a written statement in the mail first.  
  • Never give a payment. If the caller asks you for a payment, do not provide them with any financial information. It is also a huge red flag if you feel like you are being pressured to pay immediately. 

Anti-Spam Technology for Landlines
While there are apps that block unwanted calls for mobile devices, there are fewer options for home phones. However, one resource has worked effectively for many people – it’s called Nomorobo

When you register with Nomorobo and eventually receive a spam call, your phone will ring at the same time as the company’s screening system. If their system detects that the number calling you is from a spam caller, it will intercept the call and hang up. If you have a modern landline, this application works for most models. However, if you own a trendy rotary phone, you may be out of luck. 

Spam calls can be unsettling, especially when the caller is threatening and persistent. Even if you can’t stop every phone call that comes your way, these tips should help you get a handle on them.   

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