13 Home Remedies to get Rid of Ringworm Faster and Easily

how to get rid of ringworm

Hi..Guys your favorite Nikunj is back again with a new post. So guess what we are going to discuss today. Ammhmm… okay let me proceed with some hint. It causes itching and nobody likes it.. Wooww you guessed it correct.. Ringworm.. Today I want to talk about ringworm.. I will tell how to get rid of ring worms and some home remedies for ringworm. Ringworm is a very common problem. First of all we will discuss something about ringworm like what it is etc and then I will tell you some home remedies which would help you in getting rid of ringworm. So let us begin with what is ringworm. Ringworm is also known as tinea. It is actually a contagious fungal infection which is characterised as red, itchy, unattractive round shaped disease on the body, feet, nails, neck or even on scalp, etc.

Do not worry folks it is not a life threatening disease it can be healed very easily. It is not as life threatening as psoriasis. But it can be easily healed by so many medicines and ointments which are available in your nearby pharmacies. There are many creams which are available in market for its treatment. But today I will tell you some of the home remedies which you can use at your home and heal it as soon as possible and obviously easily without spending lot of money on the expensive creams.

So let us begin our journeys of natural home remedies for the treatment of ringworm’s:

Ringworm Remedy Tea Tree oil

Tea tree oil is good if ring worm is affecting your feet. It basically contains various anti-fungal and anti-septic components which are very significant in treating fungal infections. It is also quite useful for other skin problems. What you can do is soak it in a cotton ball. Then squeeze the cotton ball to remove the excess oil. And then finally apply it on the affected area. Repeat the process thrice a day. You will notice over a period of time it will be gone completely. It is quite famous in using cosmetics as well. Also it will help you in getting rid of ringworm faster if it will be of your body temperature. So it would be better if you would heat it a little prior applying.

home remedies for ringworm tea tree oil

Ringworm Remedy Garlic Extract

Well garlic as we all know has an excellent anti-fungal agents within it. It is used in many skin problems. But to get rid of ringworm what you can do is :- Take a garlic clove, cut it into slim pieces, rub it on the affected area and put a bandage over it along with garlic inside it. Leave it overnight. If you want you can also use garlic paste and apply it on the affected area. With the regular use you would notice it will be fine in sometime.

Ringworm Remedy Apple Vinegar

Well like other home remedies I have told you apple cedar vinegar also have awesome anti-fungal components. To get rid of ring worm what you can do is:- You can apply the apple cedar vinegar over the ringworm using cotton ball. You have to do it for some 3-4 times a day till it is gone completely. The best results will come if you apply it continuously for 3-4 times a day for three days.

home remedies for ringworm apple vinegar

Ringworm Remedy Coconut Oil

Well it is basically famous to get rid of scalp ringworm It will relieve you from itchy and rough skin. To get rid of the ringworm what you can do is:- Apply it on the affected area and leave it overnight. In the morning it will make the area quite smooth and itching will also not be there.

Jaboja oil and lavender oil

Now in this home remedy you have two options either you can use the mixture of both or you can use only lavender oil. So if you are using both then what you can do is: Mix the jaboja oil along with the lavender oil. Then apply it on the affected area using cotton ball and leave it overnight. Otherwise what you can do is you can apply only lavender oil with the cotton ball and can leave it overnight. Lavender has an excellent anti-fungal components. According to many dermatologists, lavender oil not only removes the ring worm rather it removes the fungal infection completely. So that there will not be any chance of its coming back.

Ringworm Remedy Mustard seeds

Mustard seeds are although very small in size. But when it comes to getting rid of fungal infection like ringworm. It is the best home remedy for ringworm. What you can do is:- Soak the seeds in normal water for about 30 minutes. Then, grind it and make its paste. And finally apply it on the affected area and leave it for some time.

Ringworm Remedy Turmeric

Turmeric which is also known as curcuma longa is quite beneficial in removing fungal infection. It has excellent antibiotic properties. It is very easily available home remedy to get rid of ringworm. What you can do is:- You can apply the turmeric juice on the affected area using cotton ball and can leave it overnight. It will remove the entire fungal infection provided you will do it regularly until the fungal infection is gone.

Turmeric home remedies for ringworm

Ringworm Remedy Vinegar and salt

Well now this is like sure sure remedy in getting rid of ringworm. For treating what you can do is: Make a thick paste of vinegar and salt and apply it on ringworm and leave it for not more than five minutes. It will vanish the ringworm completely in just seven days.

Ringworm Remedy Aloe Vera

Well we all know aloe Vera is very famous for beauty products. But guess what it is also helpful in getting rid of ringworm. So it is a very simple and cheap home remedy. Just get the aloe Vera gel and directly apply it in the affected skin and leave it overnight and then finally wash it on the next day. Do it regularly till the completely infection will vanish.

Ringworm Remedy Colloidal silver

Well this is again a very helpful remedy in getting rid of the ringworm. Apply it directly on the skin either in its liquid form or in the gel form . Leave it overnight and finally use it regularly till the infection would vanish completely. You have to do it two times a day for best results.

Home remedies for Ringworm Colloidal silver

Ringworm Remedy Myrrh

It is an excellent anti-fungal agent. What you can do is make a paste of myrrh and golden seal. Then add some water to it and then apply it on the skin. Do it approximately three times a day for best results.

Myrrh to recover from ringworm

Ringworm Remedy Lemongrass Tea

Lemongrass tea will give you excellent relief in ringworm situation. You drink lemongrass tea almost three times a day. Also apply the used tea bags on the affected area. It will give you great relief in your disease.

Ringworm Remedy Olive Leaf

It is quite useful in anti-fungal infection. Just eat it three to four times a day till the fungal infection is completely gone. You will start seeing the results from third or fourth day of continues intake.

Note:- All the above home remedies are given for your relief But please do not leave your medications if your doctor has prescribed any. Also if any serious problem then contact a dermatologists as soon as possible. Also if you are allergic to any of the above mentioned home remedy then do not use it.

So guys this is it. This is all about the home remedies to get rid of the fungal infection i.e ringworm. I hope you have liked the post and it has solved your problem. I have tried to cover all the home remedies but if anything is left out then do not forget to comment it in the comment box Till then Stay healthy Stay blessed..Happy Health!!JJ


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