How To Get Pregnant With Twins: Get All The Facts Here

Planning for a “grand” pregnancy? By the term grand we are not talking about those parties you throw, the term grand means to have a bonus! That’s right… Twins!!!

How To Get Pregnant With Twins

Since conceiving is all a part of the nature’s norms, but in some cases people do wish to bear twins. We agree that it’s not that difficult to get pregnant, but to make it grand, you need some advice on how to get pregnant with twins.

Is there any special technique to get pregnant with twins or it is just a stroke of luck that will make it happen… read more to explore the secrets of how to get pregnant with twins:

Come lets us find out some facts on how twins are formed:

  1. Twins are of two types: identical twins are the ones which are formed when one female ova is fertilized by one sperm which eventually divides into two separate embryos.Identical twins also share the same placenta. They possess the same genetic components and structures. They are also known as non-fraternal twins.How-To-Get-Pregnant-With-Twins - how twins are formed
  1. Non-identical twins are formed when two different female eggs ae fertilized by two different sperms. They have their own placenta and do not share the same genetic components and structures. They are also known as fraternal twins.
  2. Twin pregnancy myths busted – Giving birth to twins is not a factor of genetics. The mother is totally responsible for genetic disposition of twins. The only genetic factor that would matters in this case is hyper ovulation.
  3. How to get pregnant with twins naturally – You can use folic acid supplement. Many researches have been made regarding the effects of folic acids on pregnancy; many women were subjected to this research by making them have folic acid in the required amount, which eventually increased their chances of conceiving twins to 40%.Folic acid is not necessarily taken for twin pregnancy purpose, it can also be taken to avoid neutral tube defects.
  1. Height and weight also play a part in conceiving twins. In a study, it was found that women who were tall and the ones who were overweight, conceived twins, as compared to those, who were short and thin. So ladies if height is an issue, you can definitely gain a little bit of weight!How To Get Pregnant With Twins - gain weight
  2. Eat dairy products also helps. In a study comparisons were made between vegetarian women who ate dairy products and vegan women.It was seen that the women whose intake of dairy products was high had superior chances of conceiving twins, as compared to the vegan women. Further the study suggested that cows which were treated from the growth hormones (the products made from their milk) were the actual cause of the hike in conceiving twins.
  1. Breast feeding – a study suggests that women who want to conceive twins should not stop breast feeding their young one. The study concluded that at the time of conceiving, when a woman continues breast feeding, the chance of conceiving twins grows to almost nine times!
  2. How to get pregnant with twins: some facts, some hacks – If you are having kids little late in life it’s natural that you’d want to have twins because your chances of another child would be very thin.
  3. When a woman steps into the phase of pre menopause, more than one ova is released every month. This effect of multiple ova release is a result of estrogen activities. Women over thirty five years of age to conceive only non-identical twins.How To Get Pregnant With Twins - gain weight
  4. You can try on some fertility drugs but only when the doctor prescribes! The reason behind taking fertility pills is that it stimulates ovary release, and more than one ova is released which eventually leads to conceiving non- identical twins.
  5. As we previously stated, family history doesn’t have any effects on your twin conceiving tendency, however if your family is bestowed with non- identical twins, chances of you to conceive twins can exceed!
  1. If you were a mother previously then you can have a chance of conceiving twins. This theory is based on pure math; the more times you conceive the greater the likelihood of conceiving more than one
  2. Sperms are generally provided with zinc supplements in order to make them healthy. Therefore you should ask your partner to have oysters that would boost the health of sperm and its production. Also breads, wheat germ, green leafy vegetables etc. are all rich sources of zinc.
  3. Munch on some yams or sweet potatoes. Women have a higher tendency of conceiving twins when they eat sweet potatoes.

So dear mommies-to-be, these were few measures to help you find answers to all queries on how to get pregnant with twins. We hope you give them a try.

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