How To Get Free Chips In AU In 2022


Free chips are making a comeback with the advent of cashless transactions in casinos and other gambling platforms. Players are opting for chips when gambling since it is affordable and free chips pay. Chips are coin-like, but in a gambling site, chips represent a specific monetary value. Players claim the monetary amount; for instance, a $300 free chip for 2022 grants you $300 worth of cash to play with.

An interesting concept for any gamble, but a question remains. How to get the free chips?

  • Get chips from the top and new casino operators in AU;
  • Buy chips online;
  • Download and install an app or website software vs mobile;
  • Participate in events/tournaments.

Get Free Casino Chips From the Top and New Casino Operators in AU

Reputable gambling website operators offer various promotions to their members. Chips are a regular occurrence for VIPs and other loyal players. Some casinos give chips to players celebrating special days in their lives, such as “Anniversaries” or “Birthdays.” Thus, the best play for any Aussie player is to find gambling sites that offer chips as bonuses.

The best free spin options are those from new casinos. With 0 times wagering requirements, chips offer the best incentive for novice players. New players don’t have to cash any amount to claim or activate the chips. Once the registration process is complete, the gambling website automatically credits your gambling account with the chips.

But players should look out for chip codes issued by gaming platforms. Some casinos do not credit chips without a code. With a promo code, it is easier to claim and play with chips on a reputable or new gambling website in Australia.

Buy Casino Chips Online

The easiest way to acquire free chips is to “Purchase some through a wager.” Every time you bet is a chance to get chips. Each game has a breakdown of potential free chips for a single match or round. Before you choose a virtual (RNG) or a live dealer game to play, review the number of chips you may get. Review the bet values and plan the best way to collect the most chips. Remember, free chips vary in colour and value. To claim or buy chips in a live dealer casino; follow these steps:

  • Choose a gambling website, create and launch your gambling account.
  • Deposit the minimum amount more, depending on your gambling budget.
  • Visit the live casino lobby for the select online casino. Choose one of the card game tables, for instance, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, or poker tables.
  • Review the wagers on offer, the payouts for expected or possible wins, and gambling chips.
  • Purchase gambling chips for use when playing the live dealer game.
  • Wager using the chips received. Check to see whether there are promotional chips.
  • Using the minimum deposit or chips promo code, claim the chips and play.

Download and Install an App or Website Software vs Mobile

An advertisement with the caption “Download our App and free chips as a bonus” is a regular occurrence in the online gambling market. The casino will offer incentives to players to download apps and use the APK file or link to play or install their site software on mobile devices. The mobile version works with any mobile operator, including android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, and more. But, the chips depend on a player’s mobile access, meaning the chips are completely inaccessible if playing on a desktop-based website.

Even though the development of compatible mobile casinos allows players convenient gameplay anytime, free chips are only for mobile-based login information. Players must launch their accounts on mobile before getting the chips. Once the account activates through a deposit, chips appear as a bonus or credits.

Participate in Casino Events/Tournaments

Promotions in a casino often give players credits or cash by participating in tournaments or events. The prize pool or any tournament ranges from cash in dollars and free spins to free chips. Players only have to opt into a tournament or race, gather as many points, and win a position. You end up with the highest number of chips with the highest number of points.

Chips earned through tournaments or events have several conditions. These include:

  • A minimum deposit to become eligible for the chips or a wager in a specific game or sport.
  • A wagering requirement for the monetary value attached to the chips or resultant winnings.
  • Limitations for the games you can play using the free chips.
  • Players must earn points and lead on the leaderboard to win the chips.

Take Part in Australian Online Casino Activities Regularly

If playing online on a gambling website, gathering chips is an easy affair. Players only have to partake in daily gambling activities and collect chips. Some of these activities include:

  • Daily login: Log into the website and play any game you desire, and sometimes you will be rewarded with free spins. Also, some games have great payouts with promotions attached. The only condition is a daily bet from the player. On some sites, this free chip offer is a “Timed Bonus” offered during a specific period of the day. Also, the offer is only valid for a limited period.
  • Refer-a-friend: Apart from the standard welcome package, players can also claim the ref-a-friend chips. The condition here is to ensure you get one person to register with the casino, deposit, and successfully wager. Once the new player accounts become active through a deposit and a wager, you get free chips. With each new account associated with yours becoming active, you get a new chip collection.
  • Casino Subscriptions: Players earn additional gaming chips for daily notifications, social media posts, and other subscriptions. For instance, opt into the casino’s Facebook page and subscribe. A promotional newsletter subscription is also a chance to get more chips. Subscriptions to get promotional emails or messages also allow you to find out potential free chips to motions from every casino in Australia.


Collecting free chips is a skill that requires knowledge and strategy. These opportunities have great potential, but they are not always successful. Before claiming the chip, you need to remember that it’s just a bonus to make your game easier. You need to understand how it works and use it wisely. That’s why a player should review the chances or probability of attaining the set target before trying to gather the free chips.

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