How To Fold A Fitted Sheet- 3 Fast And Easy Ways!

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Fitted sheets do not come in a proper rectangle shape because of the elastics or drawstrings in its corners. It always seems easier to just roll up the sheet into a messy ball and dump it into the linen closet; the aftermath result is having a clumsy looking wrinkled sheet. Hence, folding a fitted sheet systematically becomes important as it leaves one with an organized closet. 3 reasons why the fitted sheet should be neatly folded:

  • It stays free of wrinkles for future use.
  • The linen closet looks organized
  • The closet becomes spacious to fit in some extra sheets

how to fold fitted sheets 1

How to fold a fitted sheet?

Folding a fitted sheet is a daunting and frustrating task. Some use a Folding Wand. It is a useful solution to fold a fitted sheet and works well on all fitted sheets. Just by simply inserting the fitted sheet’s corner seam of into the Folding Wand, the sheet is converted into a rectangular shape which is easy to fold as anticipated.

how to fold fitted sheets

But if the trick to folding the fitted sheet is known, one doesn’t need any assistance from any mechanical devices.

Step by step guide to fold the fitted sheet at home without any fuss. To begin with, starting off with a smaller sheet like the one meant for a crib primarily makes understanding the process easier. Once the technique is understood,it becomes easier to fold even king sized fitted sheets.

The next thing needed is a table that acts as a surface to place the sheet on while folding. Even the floor may be used as a surface in case of no access to a table large enough as the size of the fitted,any type of surface may be used as an alternative to lay the sheet on as per the convenience and comfort.

3 methods to fold a fitted sheet are listed below.

Method 1

1. Prepare the Sheet

The first step is to prepare the fitted sheet. It should be made sure that the sheet is flat and not twisted.Even the corners of the sheet should not be inside out. This is vital because all the corners need to be put together.

2. Putting the Corners Together

The objective of this part is putting the corners securely together in such a way that the corners allow folding the rest of the sheet.

Get the corners inside out for the seams to expose. Put in the left hand inside one corner of the sheet with the longer elastic band. Then,follow the band and grab the end of it. Grab the adjacent corner of the band with the right hand. Place one corner over the other by bringing the two corners together and turn it “right side” out. At this point, both the corners will be wrapped over the left hand.

Make sure of the sides’ not twisting. In case of any twists in the lower part of the sheet even it out by turning the bottom part inside out. Moving forward, the third corner of the sheet must be grabbed by reaching down carefully and tucked into the two other corners held in the left hand.  Finally, the fourth corners to be grabbed and tucked into the previous 3 corners. The rest of the sheet should be touching“inside out” side of the fabric.

3. Smooth and Finalize

The final phase with all the corners held in one hand and tucked inside one another, the sheet must have formed a rectangle shape. Shake the entire sheet to loosen up any wrinkles that may have formed. At this phase, the sheet must be looking like a flat rectangle.

Here comes the stage where the table or the floor has to be used.  Now, the sheet that was brought to a flat rectangle shape has to be laid down on a flat surface and smoothen out any wrinkles and creases until it becomes smooth.

Grab on the long side of the sheet and fold that way in either 3 or 4 sections. Make sure to keep equal thickness and volume in each segment of equal thickness, and line it up with the rest ofthe sides of the sheet.

As per the type of sheet and the preference of the user, the sheet may be folded 2 to 4 times. Once done with the folding, the final flattening has to be done.

It should be made sure that the sheet is evenly folded with no wrinkles and everything is neatly tucked in.

This method doesn’t use the support of a surface while folding the sheet and will have to be organized by holding the sheet in the air. Only after bringing the corners together, it is taken to the table to fold.

how to fold a fitting sheet


Method 2

This method is easier in comparison to the first method and requires a flat and large surface from the beginning. The benefit is that this method is less confusing and takes lesser time than the first method.

1. Bringing corners together

Turn the entire sheet inside out. Lay the sheet on a table or a flat surface. Grab the two corners of the bottom and tuck them inside the two corners in the top. Placing your hands inside the seams of the 2 corner points created; shake out the entire sheet. This will avoidany wrinkles or bunches inside the cloth.

2. Forming the rectangle

Now, carefully place the sheet on the surface with the elastic facing in. at this point, the sheet must have formed a square or rectangular shape.

3. Folding and flattening

Hold the top two corners with fingertips folding it over about one-third of the way down. Next, hold the bottom corners with fingertips and fold it to halfway to the top. Remember to smoothen and flatten at each step. Now, grab the outside edges and fold it in to meet the center.Repeat with the other edge too.Lastly, fold it over one last time and there it is done.

how to fold fitted sheets

Method 3

The third method of folding seems a little tricky but it is actually simple if the steps are clearly followed. This method also requires laying the sheet on the flat surface since the beginning.

1. The corner game

Grab one bottom corner of the sheet with the right hand by slipping the hand to the end point of the seam and slip it into the adjacent top corner of the same so that the ends meet. Now the inside of the bottom corner is touching the inside of the top corner.

Repeat the same with the corners of the other side.

2. The rectangle

Grab the two sets of corners; get the seams of both corners and slipone over the other. This brings all the 4 seams on the same side. Now, grab the edges and shake the sheet.Lay it on a flat surface.

3. Folding

Hold the corner edges and fold it over to form an almost square. Start by flipping one side of the square inwards till a long sheet is formed. Find the bulky end of all the corners and fold it down to fit in the closet.

If you’re still having problems in understanding how to fold fitted sheets, then watch this video it’ll certainly clear your doubts and help you get the perfect fitted sheets!


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