How to Find a Reputable Locksmith in Wheeling

If you misplaced the keys to your house, office, or car, what you might need is a locksmith. You can get stranded if you don’t have access to one immediately. A lot of times, people can spend so much time looking for a locksmith close to them. It would have been easier if they had a locksmith’s contact before the incident.

A lot of locksmiths in Wheeling are mobile which simply means that they own a van for running services. If it takes a regular locksmith an average of 3 hours to get to your destination, then it would take a mobile one less time, say 2 hours. 

There are several reasons why we need a locksmith’s services. It could be for lock repairs, maintenances, or an emergency. Whatever the reason for this need, you should always go for a professional service. So if you live in Wheeling Illinois, you can run a Google search for locksmith in Wheeling Illinois to find a reliable tradesman.

When it comes to home, mobile or office security, it involves using or maintaining a proper lock. In cases where you would need to install locks, a professional locksmith will come in handy. However, there are so many inexperienced locksmiths available. Getting the right one for the task is something to consider.

6 Important Steps to Take Before Hiring a Locksmith

Know What Service You Need

Your first action should be to understand what your lock situation is. If you do, then you can look for a person who can solve the issue.  So depending on what the issue is, you might require a professional for an installation job, repair job, or during an emergency.

Some common requests include:

  • Changing your locks,
  • Duplicating your keys,
  • Repairing locks,
  • Servicing commercial doors,
  • Replacing key fobs and electronic door cards.

Make a List of Professionals

To make for easy selection, you can draft a simple list of professionals you think might be best for the job. You can make a draft from suggestions, local directories, or online research. Try to make it simple. It can contain a maximum of ten names for a start.

You can drop an email or a call to enquire about their service coverage and fees. You can ask about their average response time in emergency cases. Ensure that you note your findings by the side of their names. It should help to trim your list to about 4 or 5 persons.

Look For Those under Your Insurance Coverage

If you have a home, business, or automobile insurance, choosing a professional under your insurer makes it possible to carry out repairs or installations at discounted rates. Your membership might cover the charges for repairs, emergency lockouts, or installation.

Enquire from your insurance provider about the necessary processes involved. Some top insurance firms might need authorization to qualify you for such coverage. You can read this article to see a list of insurance policies everyone should have.

Request for a Service Cost Estimate

You do not want a service way above your budget. You should request a quote for the job. It contains the type of material for the job, the prices, and the service fee.

If your insurance covers part of the cost, ensure that it reflects in the quote provided. Always request to have a written copy for documentation.

Ask For Credentials

Most places do not have a necessary licensing for locksmith businesses. However, a locksmith with a business license is an advantage. The first thing you want to look out for in business is trust. You can be sure to trust someone that is licensed. Having a license means that the individual has no criminal record. He has been tested and certified in the field of work.  

Ensure you go through the license thoroughly. Check for name, address, date gotten, and the license provider. You can go further to research the authenticity of the license provider.

Document the Invoice

Documentation is necessary if you are using insurance coverage. Ensure you document every copy of invoices given. The invoice can include labor costs and the cost of materials. You might be required to submit the invoice to the insurance company.

You can find more tips to help you with the process here:


The security of our homes and offices is something to take seriously. The primary security level is the lock. To have a good job done on our locks, we would need the services of a professional and reputable locksmith. You may not easily find one. However, with the steps listed above, you might find one faster.

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