How to Extend the Life of Your Tractor Tires to Maximum

Replacing a set of tires is quite an expensive procedure. Unfortunately, tractor owners often reduce the service life of their tires themselves, thereby approximating their replacement time. What driver’s actions lead to early wear out – read below.

When it comes to heavy machinery, wheels are the parts that should be carefully serviced. As these vehicles do comprehensive tasks and deal with big weight – the tires are under the risk of wear out. Follow these easy tips to avoid possible problems.

Planned Replacement

With an annual tractor load of 1,500 hours, the tire resource is exhausted by 20-25% per year. Ignoring the rules for using wheels will even increase these numbers to 40% of wear out. Highly efficient operation is possible only with a thorough knowledge of wheel designs and observance of operational requirements, a clear understanding of mounting and dismounting techniques recommended in the instructions and rules of use. If you are making car maintenance yourself – click here and use the tool to prevent possible breakings.

Wheel Alignment

Incorrect wheel alignment is the cause of early wear out. The reason is that one part of the wheel will be ok, while the other will be worn out. To avoid this, it is necessary to check the installation angles of the wheels at each maintenance, as well as when changing from one set to another.

Increased “runout” and imbalance are the main reasons that lead to excessive loads affecting their operation, especially during the movement of equipment at high speeds. It is very important that the wheels are properly balanced. If there is a vibration on the steering wheel – it is necessary to check the tire fitting and the balance of the discs.

Early Maintenance

Early Maintenance tractor

Maintenance of wheels and tires is a complicated thing. Installation and dismantling operations are difficult to do – their share is 40-50% in the total labor intensity of the work. Therefore, at each agricultural enterprise, it is necessary to provide appropriate equipment and tools.

Regular Transposition of Wheels

This advice can increase both the service life of the rubber and driving safety. The wheels wear out unevenly. Those mounted on the drive axle wear out faster. Therefore, it is recommended to rearrange the wheels every 300 working hours. 

Driving Style

The wear out is greatly influenced by the driving style. Obviously, the drivers with aggressive style will be more likely to change the wheels faster. Just remember that inaccurate driving negatively affects tires’ lifetime.

Thus, with the proper usage and maintenance of tires for tractors, you can get the maximum potential from both agricultural machinery (in terms of productivity and economic efficiency), and from the soil. 

How often do you check your tractor wheels? Tell us in the comments.

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