How to choose the betting app that best suits you

Most bookmakers have their mobile applications nowadays. In our material, we will tell you why bookmakers spend their efforts and funds to create them, how the volume of bets on sports distribute now and how to choose the app for you. Ever since the authorities started legalizing internet sports betting, online betting has seriously strengthened its position. Now the amount of bets made at bet acceptance points is a statistical error in the total turnover of bookmakers, as follows from reports on Moreover, new bookmaker companies are altogether abandoning this type of activity. The second phase in the development of online betting was the active spread of smartphones. From a simple communication device, phones have turned into pocket computers. We use them instead of credit cards and music players; we check social networks and instant messengers with smartphones. A logical continuation for bettors was the emergence of mobile applications from bookmaker companies. This article helps you How to choose the betting app that best suits you.

Today, most legal betting companies have mobile applications. 

Why you need sports betting apps

If you are in a hurry, not at home or computer, it isn’t convenient to use the main sites of bookmakers. Mobile betting applications replicate all the functionality of the site. It is your best friend when you don’t have the time or opportunity to use the main site because: 

  • it operates quicker with a low Internet, 
  • has a more user-friendly interface, 
  • the better performance helps to save time.

If you gamble on sports in real-time, the experience of betting on apps is entirely irreplaceable. Apple users can download and use any of the official bookmaker’s mobile applications straight from the AppStore. Android users will need to download the betting software on their phone through the bookmaker’s website. These apps restricted from Google Play. Usually, the app should prompt you to download it when you visit the site from your phone. The icon of the betting app will emerge on the screen of your phone or tablet as soon as you download it. You can log in with your existing username and password if you have one. If you haven’t got an account, you’ll have to register through the app. 

How to choose a mobile app for betting 

When choosing which mobile bookmaker app to download, pay attention to these criteria:

  1. Performance. The app should be fast but, at the same time, shouldn’t drain the charge and overload the system. The best ones don’t glitch and work stable.
  2. The interface should be comfortable. Intuitive, easy to navigate – call it as you like, the meaning should be the same. The interface needs to be so quick that you can make all your bets fast and without excessive movements and thoughts. 
  3. Working without any connectivity issues. Most apps that have the best reviews work at any connection, even unstable. Low internet speed is not an issue for those applications. They won’t freeze or reset or restart when betting. 
  4. The same functions as the betting site have. The app you’ll choose should have at the very least the same functionality as the website you’re using.
  5. User reviews. Usually, those who downloaded bookmaker apps before you rate them in stores or on special sites and talk about the pros and cons of the programs. But you have to be careful here: rave reviews can be bought. Also, in the comments to the applications, you can find user questions and developers’ answers to them, which can also be useful.

What other applications can help the bettor

Of course, without the bookmaker’s applications, it will be difficult to bet on sports from a smartphone. However, bettors can simplify the game process and improve the quality of bets by downloading a few more extra assistant applications.

The first group is statistics services. They contain all the necessary information about the previous matches of the teams and data on individual players. All of this is in one place, so you don’t have to search the entire Internet to find the information you need. It is statistics that help professional bettors make the most accurate predictions for matches, and also form the basis of betting strategies. It is only thanks to them that you can successfully make bets, so using such programs will significantly increase your chances of making a profit.

The second group of assistants are scanners. These applications help to identify bookmaker errors. The fact is that not all bookmaker companies have the opportunity to hire a specialist for each sport and each league. This sometimes results in undervalued or overvalued outcomes and, consequently, over-or under-inflated odds on the outcomes. If you find these and manage them skilfully, you can make a good profit.

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