How to Choose the Best Dosa Tawa

Dosa Tawa

Tawas are flat pans on which rotis, parathas, dosas and chillas are cooked in Indian households. Whatever requires shallow frying is generally cooked on a tawa which are made of aluminium or anodised aluminium, cast iron and stainless steel. They range from anywhere between ₹400 to ₹2000. The tawa is picked for every household depending on what suits their needs best, what are the things that are commonly cooked. Tawas can also be used to cook pancakes, crepes, pita breads, tortillas besides the Indian flat breads that are cooked on them. Every kitchen must have a tawa so it is a handy utensil to use in the kitchen.

Here are a few handy tips to keep in mind when buying a tawa for the family kitchen.

Weight of the Tawa Should be Ideal

It’s best to choose a tawa that’s not too heavy to handle. Lightweight tawas are easy to cook with and can be moved around quickly as and when required. They are also easy to store and require no special care. Tawas that are heavy conduct heat evenly and last a long time because of how sturdy they are. Buyers have to choose the tawa based on their needs. People who use it less opt for lighter tawas but the ones who use it regularly get better at using it and go for the heavier ones. It is wise to check the weight of the Best Dosa tawa in India before making a purchase.

The Size of the Tawa is an Important Aspect of it

The size of the tawa determines how well the heat is conducted during the cooking process. The tawa should not be way bigger than the burner on your stove. In that case, the sides of the tawa will not heat up well and cause uneven cooking of the food on your tawa. If the tawa is smaller than the burner then the food will burn because of too much heat. The flame might engulf the tawa from all sides and cause accidents. So, keep the size of the burner on your stove in mind while picking a tawa.

The Material of the Tawa is its Most Crucial Feature

Tawas are available in stainless steel, aluminium and anodised aluminium and cast-iron varieties. Stainless steel tawas are not very heavy and conduct heat fairly evenly. Aluminium tawas are lightweight and show even heat distribution. They are a good option. Cast iron tawas heat up quickly so they cook the food faster but they are heavy so they are slightly difficult to handle while cooking.

Make sure that the handle of the tawa is made of a heat resistant material and doesn’t get hot while cooking. This will help is taking the tawa on and off the heat.

Don’t Forget to Take the Warranty that a Newly Purchased Tawa Comes With

A warranty helps in ensuring that a newly purchased tawa can be easily replaced or repaired if it turns out defective or faulty. So, don’t forget to collect your warranty when buying a tawa or purchasing it online.

How to Care for Tawas

It is essential to read the cleaning and maintenance instructions that come with a newly purchased tawa. It is best to let your tawa cool down to room temperature before cleaning it with soap and water after every use. Wipe it dry before storing. If you use a dishwasher, it’s best to check whether the tawa is dishwasher-safe before buying.

To Conclude

A tawa is an essential part of the equipment’s available in an Indian kitchen but it can be used to cook more than just Indian foods. Every household uses tawas almost on a daily basis and many own more than one tawa. So, it is very essential to make the right choice while purchasing a tawa. These tips could come handy while you make this all essential purchase.

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