How To Be Good At Vapes

How To Be Good At Vapes -1

Why can vapes become so obsessed to people who like it, or even become a life hobby? This is related to the many ways and means of vaping. Let’s take a look at what you can play when you get a vape.

How To Be Good At Vapes -1


Just only smoking, in fact, there are many ways to suck.

Mouth sucking – sucking into the mouth, it is the same as traditional cigarettes. The atomizer with small pores can only be sucked by the mouth. The vape is designed from the beginning, the purpose is to imitate the suction of traditional cigarettes and help the smoke. People find the feeling of smoking and quit smoking.

Pulmonary suction – directly sucking into the lungs is a unique method of vapes. This method requires a relatively large pore of the atomizer, and the smoke oil generally cannot contain too high concentration of nicotine, otherwise the amount of smoke is too large. The throat is too strong, causing the smoke to be very embarrassing.

French Inhale – named after the French smokers love to play, is a relatively easy way to play, that is, smoke slowly pushes out the tongue from the mouth, and tightens the upper lip, highlights the lower lip, while the nose inhales, then It will form a cycle from the mouth to the nose to the lungs, which can be achieved with a little practice.

How To Be Good At Vapes -1

Fancy Spit

Since e-cigarettes can be made bigger and more, all kinds of people have developed a variety of cool ways to spit out smoke. When you are at a bar or a nightclub, take out e-cigarettes and make a trick. The effect is wonderful!

Standard spit smoke ring – one of the signs of novices playing e-cigarette advancement, in fact, the principle is very simple, you need to practice and experience.

Cheerios – Point your cheeks with your fingers and let the small smoke ring come out of your mouth. It shouldn’t be difficult for people who can spit out the smoke.

Double smoke ring, three smoke ring – separate the lips by fingers, let the smoke out of two or three mouths, and then use the technique of spitting the smoke ring to make the smoke form two or three smoke rings. Personally, this is basically the most difficult way to play e-cigarettes.

Super Smoke

This is the ultimate pursuit of many e-cigarette players and many DIY players. Using high-powered e-cigarettes, you can take a sip of smoke. The smoke can be filled up in a room, spit in the air, and the whole soul is out. . However, the big smoke is not recommended for ordinary players to try, because it requires a special electronic cigarette case and atomizer, and also needs 0mg nicotine electronic cigarette oil (or poisoned), the smoke oil has a high VG content (can produce more More smoke)

Party Gathering

The gathering of smoke and oil, together with the clouds, the atmosphere can be smashed to the extreme, and there is no need to drink like a general party. Recently, there is new product from vapeciga, which is called Uwell Amulet Vape Pod System .Its shape is similar to that of a watch, and it can keep time. The shape is exquisite and compact, which can quickly catch the eye and make you the focus of the party.


Electronic cigarette DIY general players mainly rely on the resistance wire in the atomizer, and some people can adjust the smoke oil to count as DIY. It is said that playing electronic cigarettes is into the pit. The real pit is actually DIY, which costs more money, but DIY can make the power effect and the amount of smoke you want, find a balance point suitable for you in the process of modification, and you can also find it. The best feeling of smoke oil. So many players are obsessed, but we encourage electronic cigarettes as a convenient tool for most consumers, and no more details.


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