How to Be a Smart Student – Top 29 Tips for Gen Alpha

how to be a smart student

The dynamics on how to be a smart student has evolved over generations with technological advancement and shift from traditional educational systems. With Google at the tip of our fingers, we seldom need to mug up information and learn theories.

As a Gen Alpha is growing up, their pattern of learning is much different from how millennials grew up. So, to know how to be smart in class, students need to go an extra mile to have awareness both inside and outside of their educational institution.

At first we need to understand how do we define a smart student? Is it good grades? Or is it skills that jobs require in today’s times?

In this article, we will explain ways to optimally use our human minds to study smartly. You will also learn how to ace school or any field of life by adapting to minor changes. We will also discuss how child’s nutrition plays an important role to improve brainwork.

How to be a smart student

As a growing school or college goer, you need to keep the following points in mind to excel at class:

1. Make a plan

Creating a concrete plan and sticking to it is the first step that you need to do. Everything becomes easy once we organize ourselves. As a student, you should also make a plan by disciplining yourself.

Organization starts by decluttering your table, using sticky notes, or to-do lists, and having a specific study time. There has to be a schedule that you create and maintain every day.

how to be a smart student

2. Positivity

Whenever you decide to take up a course or study a new chapter, ensure you have a positive outlook. When you think positively, your brain works more efficiently. The science behind this is your hormones. A positive mind secretes natural chemicals which help in motivating you in any work.

The primary way on how to be a smart student is by overcoming fear of studies. Many students are scared with the thought of big books and bigger blocks of texts. Studying different subjects feels overwhelming, but that is how our education system works. Until we select one subject and excel in it, we have to face our fears and look into the brighter side.

Education gives is knowledge about several aspects of world. It gives us a sense of power that we need to accept in a positive way.

3. Do your research

Before the commencement of a new course or standard, you can keep yourself updated with the subjects and what it includes. Knowing what your course comprises can help prepare you before the class so that you can be more attentive and confident.

4. Joining a course that you love

Doing something you already love impacts the overall achievement. While growing up, you will find several subjects that don’t interest you. The trick here is to focus on the subjects you like. Only when you do something you love doing, will you have the interest of working towards it.

5. Avoid procrastination

Getting things done on the day required, saves you from wasting a lot of time. It is one of the best ways to utilize time and ensure there is nothing pending for the days to come.

Our brain has limited capacity to absorb every day. When we delay studies or work to keep them for later, it piles up and becomes hard to go through. This, in turn, might keep your brain underutilized on specific days and put excess pressure on others.

How to be smart without studying

You have the top tips on how to be a smart student, but what about things that go beyond studying?

Do you know you can become a smarter student if you played games, stayed active, and led a better lifestyle?

Here are some ways that can boost your brainwork while you are not studying the academics:

6. Playing word puzzles

Word puzzles are great for memorizing and improving your understanding as well. You can either choose Scrabble or Crosswords.

In 2022, the Wordle app became famous. It is a word game that grew so popular that New York Times Company bought it from the original developers. While the game is tough, it really works on your brains and tests smartness.

7. Mind mapping

Studying all day could be boring. So you need to look for ways on how to be smart without studying. You can make mind maps instead of writing notes. Mind maps are great for memorizing things as they are more visually attractive, which creates an impact on your brain. Use your creativity and see how it works.

8. Finding a smarter circle

You’re surrounding has an impact on you. So, who you hang out with makes a huge difference in your success. You can quantify what you study when you discuss them with your friends and gain fresh perspectives from each. Group studies often contribute towards growth, but you need to first have the right people around

how to be a smart student

9. Eating healthy and exercising

When you eat right, your brain also functions actively. Exercising and lifting weights boosts your cognitive strength by increasing the blood supply to the brain. It also helps in stimulating and preserving neurons.

10. Making Flashcards

Flashcards are a unique way to memorize. When you finish reading a chapter, make a flashcard using your highlighters and glittery pens. This will make it look attractive, and you’ll have fun making it. The best part is you don’t have to reread the entire chapter. Just go through the flashcards and you are all set for last minute revisions.

How to be Smart in Class

Find out how to be a smart student in class, so that even others know your capabilities and you’re on the top of your game:

11. Paying attention

Did you know when you have the surprise tests and MCQs, they ask you questions about things that are discussed in class? So, you should always be attentive when you’re in class. It’s all in that nitty-gritty that helps you learn the most minute details about your favorite subjects.

12. Make a plan

Always be ready with your plan, and execute it. For example, if you have a test on Monday, be ready with a plan to study the syllabus. You can’t do everything in one day. Hence making a plan makes it easy and also keeps you ahead of class.

13. Take help wherever needed

You must not hesitate to take help from your peers and teachers. If you find any difficulty, you must clear your doubts at the earliest. This will not only clear the confusion but also show that you are serious about the subject.

14. Make notes

Always keep your notes with you. Make sure to keep your notebooks clean and use a color scheme to make it look more attractive to the eyes. Notes are critical when you want to revise a particular portion that was previously discussed in class.

Did you know if you write what you learn, you’ll remember it better? Hence never skip writing notes. If you miss classes, make sure you get the notes from someone who is as attentive as you are.

15. Be a known face

You should socialize in class as much as possible. Your teachers and peers must know you for your quick responsiveness. This will help in making sure that you have all the updates of the class and be the first one to answer all the questions.

How to become smarter in life

If you believe intelligence is just limited to having high IQs and good grades, well, that’s not it.

Being smart means knowing things and being knowledgeable about many other things apart from your books and curriculum.

Try involving some brain-engaging activities that can eventually help you improve your brain health.

Follow the below steps and see the difference:

16. Keep yourself updated

News plays a vital role in keeping you updated with everything happening around you. It may be sports, politics or the economy. But you must at least spend 10 minutes reading the news daily.

17. Dealing with problems

Whenever you encounter a problem, don’t run away from it; instead, learn from it and try to solve it. You may require help so take it. Instead of panicking, face the upcoming situations.

18. Fostering creativity

Do you remember your pre-school days? How you used craft paper and ribbons to make extraordinary things. Likewise, you need to open your mind to endless possibilities and be creative about everything that you do. An artistic mind will create a pool of opportunities that you never imagined.

19. Writing

Never lose the hang of writing. It helps in memorizing things and improving your vocabulary, which will make you smarter in the long run.

20. Be open to criticism

You should always be open to criticism. Learning from your mistakes is the best way to learn.

21. Be a social animal

If you’re an introvert, socializing could be a tough job for you. But it can have so many benefits, like learning new things, discovering a new place, or even learning a new language.

22. Get educated

Having a degree doesn’t define your smartness, but it enhances it. Wherever you go, your degree speaks for you.

How to be smart without studying in a class

Being smart is fun if you do things in the right direction. Because of your busy schedule, you may miss a few classes, but what do you do to keep yourself updated? How can you be smart without studying in class? There are a few things you can adopt that will change your Life. Want to find out what are those? Check out the below list:

23. Start your day by thinking

As you wake up, you must be checking your phone for notifications and emails. But what you can do instead is download the Ted app and watch some informational videos in just a few minutes.

24. Subscribe to a newsletter

This is very important to stay updated with so much happening around you. Spending so much time on the internet can also become productive.

25. Multitasking

While you are doing your chores or walking or driving, utilize that time to listen to articles. There are many apps available online that can convert your articles into audio files. Isn’t that cool?

26. Spend time with wise people

If you are in college, school, or work, have your breaks with people who can share their knowledge with you.

27. Social media app

Did you know you can learn from social media apps? Well, be it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you can make it worthwhile by following the right pages that enlighten you with news updates and also things you never knew. Start following educational pages, and you will be amazed at how much you can learn by just scrolling through your phone.

29. Join webinars

Webinars are not only fun to watch but also have so much to learn from. Hence next time you see some webinar in your email, check it out before you delete it.

how to be a smart student

Food to eat to boost memory

Want to know how to be a smart student with food? Well, it might surprise you but some food (over others) can improve your mental capabilities. Here are some treats of always keep handy during exam days:

1. Dark chocolate

Cocoa is in flavonoids compared to any other food item. Hence having dark chocolate while studying can improve your cognitive skills and brain memory. Cocoa intake also improves brain blood circulation and reduces stress.

2. Citrus fruits

Including citrus fruit can enhance your brain health. Hence start having citrus fruits like grapefruit and oranges which are full of flavonoids, an excellent nutrient for your brain. Next time you need a snack while prepping for an exam, get an orange.

3. Nuts

These have great sources of protein, fiber and healthy fat, which can keep you through your study sessions without a break. The nut has some essential nutrients like zinc and Vitamin E that improve brain health.

4. Berries

These are filled with a pack of compounds that helps in promoting a healthy brain and excellent academic performance. Get yourself a blueberry shake and enjoy your study sessions. Even as per studies, berries enhance your brain functionality.

Final Thoughts

As you have come to the end of the article, I hope now you know how to be a smart student and also how you can improve your brain functioning by adapting to simple changes in your Life.


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