How to Be a Great Bridesmaid: Things You Need to Know

Finally, the time has come, for which you were waiting for long. Your childhood friend, your sister for life and your partner in crime, has asked you to be her support for the most important occasion of her life; she has asked you to be her bridesmaid!

Now we know that you cannot wait to get on with the planning and the execution of all those things that would be necessary for the wedding to be a great success. However, if you are a first-time bridesmaid, it can also be a nerve-wracking experience for you. So in order to help you with everything, here we have created a list of things you must keep in mind, in order to be a perfect bridesmaid.

Your duties will begin the very moment you hear the words, “will you be my bridesmaid?” So here is how to start off, the right way.

Listen to the Bride

Before you start planning a wide array of things, your first and foremost duty is to actually listen to what the bride has in mind and how she wants things to be. The arrangements for the wedding can be stressful, and the bride will be looking for someone to speak about it. Try to reduce her discomfort if she is starting to get a bit overwhelmed.

Choose the Best Dress

When it comes to choosing your dress, be a bit gracious while doing it. If there are many bridesmaids, make sure to cater in everyone’s opinion. If the bride’s request is something that does not go with your choice, do not disagree. After all, it is just one day on which you will have to wear that dress.

Plan the Best Hen Do Ever – Your bride-to-be bestie is going to have the last night of her freedom, and it becomes your duty to make sure that this night is amazing. Not only will you be partying it out, but you will also give your friend a chance to blow off the stress, accumulated from wedding planning. Make sure that this a hen party gives her everything she wished for.

Help to Select

There are many things in a wedding that are needed to be chosen. The wedding dress, the decorations, the centrepieces, the menu, the songs, etc. Choosing from all these varieties can be a mammoth task, and your bride-to-be bestie can always use some help. Since you know her the best, your opinion will surely reflect hers. Your bestie is undoubtedly going to face the pressure here, but with you, this won’t be that much of a problem. 

Build a Relationship

No, not with one of the groomsmen, but with all the people who are involved in the arrangements! Be it the photographer or the staff at the wedding venue, make sure that they all have an idea of whom to approach if they require anything or if something goes wrong.

I Am Here for You

Don’t just tell your bestie that you are there for her, see if she needs help with anything, offer to take care of specific tasks and relieve her from a bit of the burden. Whether it is sending out invites or managing airport transfers, take up a few minor functions so that the bride can tackle up on the major ones. This will help the bride if she does not feel comfortable with delegating the tasks.

So here we are with the commandments as mentioned earlier, that you must follow by the letter. Doing so will enable you to be a sought-after bridesmaid and you will be good to go!

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