How Tall Is Hannah Waddingham and Why Do People Speculate It?

how tall is hannah waddingham

Are you a fan of the Ted Lasso star Hannah Waddingham? Hannah Waddingham is a British model and actress. The 47-year-old glamorous lady is famous for various TV shows and movies. Despite being such a renowned personality, several rumors about her height and relationship status. If you want to know how tall is Hannah Waddingham, then keep an eye on the following article to learn more!

How Tall Is Hannah Waddingham

How tall is Hannah Waddingham? People often go gaga over the lifestyle, career, and personal life of Hannah Waddingham.

If you are super curious about her physique, you can know all the vital info about Hannah here!

There have been several gossips about the height of Hannah Waddingham recently. The actress was well known for her acting skills in various web series and movies previously.

But people are getting well accustomed to her from the show Ted Lasso. After seeing the actress in multiple outfits related to sports, people have got their eyes on her height.

Hannah has got a fit physique even in her late 40s. Besides her beauty and fashion statement, fans go crazy over her height. If you still are confused about how tall Hannah Waddingham is, go through the following to find out more.

How tall is Hannah Waddingham? This is a common question in people’s minds these days after watching the celebrity in Ted Lasso.

Hannah Waddingham is one of the tallest British actresses in Hollywood in today’s world. As actresses with such tall height are pretty rare to spot, Hannah has been stealing the spotlight repeatedly.

Her height has been a part of the hot gossip among the fans for quite a long time now. The best part of the gossip is that Hannah Waddingham is well aware of all the buzz, and she always stands forward in various reality shows and interviews to talk openly about her height.

She is 5 feet and 11 inches tall, making it 6 feet. The 6 feet famous tall lady takes pride in her height and does not leave any aspect to match her personality. Moreover, it enhances her confidence level as well.

how tall is hannah waddingham

Hannah Waddingham husband and child

If your life had been a sack of gossip and rumors, you might not have been enjoying your life right now. But it is not so with the web series sensation Hannah Waddingham.

She is pretty transparent towards her fans and followers, and she loves to interact with the fans through various social media platforms like Instagram.

You can get all her life updates from her page at ease, yet there are several confusions about Hannah’s private life.

Some people say that she is a single parent, while others say she is with someone. Hannah Waddingham has not been involved in many relationships. But she has been linked to food guru Gianluca Cugnetto for a decade now.

Both the young parents had a daughter a few years back and named her Kitty Waddingham. Hannah has never given their married life a thought despite being in a relationship for over a decade. Maybe that is the way she wants her life to be with Cugnetto.

Hannah’s daughter Kitty suffers from an autoimmune disease known as HSP or Henoch-Schonlein purpura, making the smaller blood vessels swell up.

In such circumstances, it becomes pretty hectic for Waddingham to take care of her career and family at the same time.

Once in an interview, Hannah Waddingham discussed her life with her daughter Kitty and how she faces severe problems in handling both.

People started spreading rumors about her love life, indicating that Cugnetto and Waddingham had separated ways.

They later proved every rumor wrong and came back stronger to declare that they were always together no matter what.

Besides being a great actress, Hannah is also a great mother to Kitty. She has put her Emmy award in her room to remind her that her mum leaves her alone only for a blooming cause like this; otherwise, not.

After reading all the facts from above, it must be pretty clear to you now that Hannah Waddingham is still with Cugnetto, happy with their daughter!

Hannah Waddingham movies and TV shows

Hannah Waddingham is a versatile actress. If you are a true fan of Waddingham, you must know her acting career and skills.

If you are new to these things and have recently started admiring Hannah, the following article will enhance your idea of how Waddingham became what she is today!

Hannah Waddingham was not so fortunate to have significant sources or relatives to push her career in Hollywood.

If you see through the eyes of ordinary people, then Hannah Waddingham has gone through some real struggles in life to achieve what she has today, wherever she stands right now!

At first, she started her acting career in theatres. Yes, she is crazy about theatres! Hannah Waddingham had been a part of the various role plays in dramas and theatres in the early days.

Later she started working with other celebrities, taking a mutual interest in the same field. Eventually, she became a part of the famous industry through hard work and struggle.

Hannah Waddingham shows

She has been a part of various movies and web series like Into the Woods (2011), Les Miserables (2012), Winter Ridge (2018), and The Hustle (2019).

All these years, Hannah had seen the bloom of her career in the acting field. Besides all the above movies and series, Hannah became a part of the world-famous TV series, Game of Thrones (2011). She took part in the series in 2015, season 5.

Hannah Waddingham played the role of the famous nun, Septa Unella. She was a part of the Sparrow groups and served the Lord.

Hannah portrayed her character in the best way possible. The coldness in her eyes showed that no force, no law on this entire planet could stop her from punishing the sinners and standing by the proper form of justice.

Unella’s character in Game of Thrones is famous for one single word, ‘Confess.’ Throughout the entire role play, she does not have much of the script.

Still, just a single word ‘Confess.’ The other famous scene the world has to remember Septa Unella is ‘The walk of shame’ where Cercei, the queen of King’s Landing, had to walk naked get humiliated in her palace.

Throughout the way in the walk of shame, Septa Unella shouted ‘Shame’ behind the sinner by ringing bells at time intervals.

Many would say that her character did not have much importance, but the most challenging part as an actor is to portray the character the way the audience wants with a limited number of speeches. And there is no harm to say that Hannah Waddingham has successfully played the role of Unella!

Besides world-famous series like Game of Thrones, Hannah Waddingham has been a part of other popular series like Sex Education.

She played the role of a mother, Sofia Marchetti. The character was a parent to one of the famous characters, Jackson Marchetti.

Hannah Waddingham once again proved her versatility in acting skills by portraying motherhood in the series. She played the role of a lesbian in Sex Education.

Besides being Jackson’s swimming teacher and trainer, she was his best friend and mentored him simultaneously; and that is what precisely a mother does.

Image Source: Digital Spy

Upcoming projects

Hannah Waddingham currently works with Jason Sudeikis, who had been her rumored boyfriend.

The comedy series is mainly based on various sports events and has won millions of hearts in a short period.

The series first came in front of the world in 2020; it also released the second season. Now fans expect the third season of Ted Lasso, which the cast and producers have promised.

In her journey with Ted Lasso, Hannah Waddingham has achieved one of the biggest things in life: the Emmy! Hannah received the award as an actress in the supportive role of Ted Lasso.

That is the only award that she keeps in her daughter’s bedroom to remind her every time she is right there, except for when she has to bloom and receive such remarkable achievements in life!

Final thoughts

Besides the gossip regarding how tall is Hannah Waddingham and private life, her husband and people have always accepted and appreciated all the roles that she has ever played.

Her high level of struggle since the beginning of her career, her difficult parenthood, and her hard work pay off as an actress and model now and then in the present world.

The woman is not only successful in her acting career but has also won an Emmy. Moreover, it is a dream award and the target of most actors of the 21st century. Despite being so successful career-wise, Hannah Waddingham is one of the most humble actresses.


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