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How many people are there on other?? I think about this question a lot. We all know that planet is not expanding and the population is expanding at a very fast pace. Then what is the exact capacity of earth?? Does planet earth still have the capacity to hold the people or we are harming it or exploiting it. So all these answers can be given if we get the answer of my first question that how many people are there in the world?

We do not have much resources to take care of all the human needs- food, water and energy.


First lets start our article with the exact figure of the number of people in the world. According to the recent data, world has approximately 7 billion population in the current period. Isn’t it a huge number, something we can call as overpopulation- a hot topic of discussion in the group discussion rooms. Let us with jot down population continent wise.

But first of all let us see the exact figure of the total number of people in the world. It is exactly 7,162,119,000.

There are seven continents in the world. Their names and respective population are as follows:

  • Asia – 4,436,224,000
  • Africa-1,216,130,000
  • Europe-738,849,000
  • North America-579,024,000
  • South America-422,535,000
  • Antarctica-4,490
  • Oceania-39,901,000


Now let us see statistics according to super-continents. There are three super continents in the world. Their names with their respective population are as follows:

  • Afro-Eurasia- 6,151,810,000
  • Eurasia- 5,041,175,000
  • Americas- 072,005,000
  • Oceania- 38,304,000


Now let us discuss population region wise. below is the list provided of different regions and their respective population:-

  • Southern Asia- 1,749,046.000
  • Eastern Asia-1,620,807,000
  • South Eastern Asia-618,793,000
  • South America- 406,740,000
  • Eastern Africa- 373,202,000
  • Northern America- 355,361,000
  • Western Africa- 331,255,000
  • Eastern Europe- 294,162,000
  • Western Asia- 245,707,000
  • Northern Africa- 210,002,000
  • Western Europe- 192,060,000
  • Central America- 167,387,000
  • Southern Europe- 155827000
  • Middle Africa- 135,750.000
  • Northern Europe- 100,404,000
  • Central Asia- 64,370,000
  • Southern Africa- 60,425,000
  • Oceania- 38,304,000
  • Caribbean-42,517,000

region wise world

So guys this was all about the number of people in the world. You can see there are so many people in the world from the above statistics. So guys hope this article would have added knowledge to you.. Take Care. See you soon with next article..♥♥

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