How Many Ounces Are In a Pint?


Today let us learn how many ounces are in a pint. There is a multiplier which answer how many ounces are in a pint. The relationship between this conversion is as follows:-

1 Pint= 16 ounces (Fluid ounce, USA)                  

Here 1 Pint contains exactly sixteen fluid ounces according to USA measurement.

1 Pint= 20 (Fluid ounce, UK)

Here 1 cup contains twenty fluid ounces according to UK measurement.

Pint is a unit used to measure the dry capacity or volume of dry things. It is not as a standard to measure the volume of liquid rather it is generally used in kitchen or in daily life to measure milk, water, oil etc. Symbolically, it is represented by pt.

How many ounces are in a Pint

Note:- I have written two conversions because there is a slight difference between USA measuring system and the one used in UK. In regular day to day life, the one used in USA is common and considered as accurate.

Fluid ounces is a unit to measure the volume. Do not confuse it with the unit ounce which is used to measure mass. Symbolically, it is represented as fl oz.

Conversion of Ounces in a Pint:

Illustration Table (USA Standard)


Fluid Ounce



Fluid ounce



Fluid ounce

1 16floz 18 288floz 80 1280floz
2 32floz 19 304floz 90 1440floz
3 48floz 20 320floz 100 1600floz
4 64floz 21 336floz 200 3200floz
5 80floz 22 352floz 300 4800floz
6 96floz 23 368floz 350 5600floz
7 112floz 24 384floz 400 6400floz
8 128floz 25 400floz 450 7200floz
9 144floz 26 416floz 500 8000floz
10 160floz 27 432floz 550 8800floz
11 176floz 28 448floz 600 9600floz
12 192floz 29 464floz 650 10400floz
13 208floz 30 480floz 700 11200floz
14 224floz 40 640floz 850 13600floz
15 240floz 50 800floz 900 14400floz
16 256floz 60 960floz 950 15200floz
17 272floz 70 1120floz 1000 16000floz

So I hope you have liked the post and have learned from it. If you have any difficulty in solving any of the conversion of how many ounces in a pint then please share it with me in the comment below. Till then..Happy Learning!!

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