How many ounce in a Pound?

How many ounce in a pound

How many ounce in a pound

How many ounce in a pound?

Pound is the unit used to measure mass. Today I am going to tell you how many ounces are there in a pound. For converting ounce into pound we use a multiplier. The formula for converting ounce into pound is as follows:-

1 pound = 16 ounce

That means there are sixteen ounce present in one pound.

1 Troy Pound = 12 Troy ounce

It means there are twelve troy ounce in one troy pound.

Note:-Here I have given two conversions one is for ounce and another is for troy ounce. Troy ounce is a little heavier than regular ounce. The difference is very negotiable but it comes into picture while dealing with precious metals. So if you need to measure with respect to precious metals then use troy ounce else regular ounce would do the job.

Pound is quite famous and common in US, UK, Canada and some other few countries. Although, Kilogram has been accepted by many countries after the adoption of the metric system but still it is common in some countries. It was also called as libra by romans that is the refined it is symbolically written as lb and lbs.

For more information on this conversion check the link below:-

For your convenience I am writing a table for some popular conversions of ounce into pounds.

Illustration Table

Pound OuncePound OuncePound Ounce
1 lbs.16 oz 20 lbs.320 oz650 lbs.10400 oz
2 lbs.32 oz30 lbs.480 oz700 lbs.11200 oz
3 lbs.48 oz40 lbs.640 oz750 lbs.12000 oz
4 lbs.64 oz50 lbs.800 oz800 lbs.12800 oz
5 lbs.80 oz60 lbs.960 oz850 lbs.13600 oz
6 lbs.96 oz70 lbs.1120 oz900 lbs.14400 oz
7 lbs.112 oz80 lbs.1280 oz950 lbs.15300 oz
8 lbs.128 oz90 lbs.1440 oz1000 lbs.16000 oz
9 lbs.144 oz100 lbs.1600 oz1050 lbs.16800 oz
10 lbs.160 oz150 lbs.2400 oz1099 lbs.17584 oz
11 lbs.176 oz200 lbs.3200 oz2000 lbs.32000 oz
12 lbs.192 oz250 lbs.4000 oz3000 lbs.48000 oz
13 lbs.208 oz300 lbs. 4800 oz4000 lbs.64000 oz
14 lbs.224 oz350 lbs.5600 oz5000 lbs.80000 oz
15 lbs.240 oz 400 lbs.6400 oz6000 lbs.96000 oz
16 lbs.256 oz450 lbs.7200 oz7000 lbs.112000 oz
17 lbs.272 oz500 lbs.8000 oz8000 lbs.128000 oz
18 lbs.288 oz550 lbs.8800 oz9000 lbs.144000 oz
19 lbs.304 oz600 lbs.9600 oz10000 lbs.160000 oz

So I hope you have liked the post and have learned from it. If you have any difficulty in solving any of the conversion of how many ounce in a pound then please share it with me in the comment below. Till then.. Happy Learning!!

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