How Many Ounce in a Gallon?

How many ounce in a Gallon

Gallon is the unit used to measure volume. Today I am going to tell you how many fluid ounce are there in a Gallon. For converting ounce into gallon we use a converter multiplier. The formula for converting fluid ounce into gallon is as follows:

How many ounce in a gallon:-

1 Gallon = 128 ounce (According to USA)

That means there are 128 ounce present in one Gallon according to USA fluid ounce.

1 Gallon = 160 ounce (According to UK)

It means there are 160 ounce in one Gallon according to UK fluid ounce.

Note:- Here I have given two conversions first one is according to fluid ounce which is popular in USA and another one is fluid ounce popular in UK. Also, keep in mind that it is not the regular ounce which is the unit of mass it is a fluid ounce used to measure the volume.

Gallon is the unit of volume. Although after the adoption of metric system people are using liter and it is become common but still some countries are still using it. It is symbolically denoted by gal. Fluid ounce is symbolically represented by “fl oz”.

 How many ounce in a Gallon

For more information on this conversion you can watch the below video :-

For your convenience I am writing a table for some popular illustrations of how many ounce in different gallons.

Illustration Table (USA, Fluid Ounce)

Gallons Fluid Ounce GallonsFluid OunceGallonsFluid Ounce
1 128 fl oz 192432 fl oz10012800 fl oz
2 256 fl oz202560 fl oz20019200 fl oz
3 384 fl oz212688 fl oz25025600 fl oz
4512 fl oz222816 fl oz30038400 fl oz
5 640 fl oz232944 fl oz35044800 fl oz
6 768 fl oz243472 fl oz40051200 fl oz
7896 fl oz253200 fl oz45057600 fl oz
81024 fl oz263328 fl oz50064000 fl oz
9 1152 fl oz273456 fl oz55070400 fl oz
10 1280 fl oz283584 fl oz60076800 fl oz
11 1408 fl oz293712 fl oz650 83200 fl oz
12 1536 fl oz303840 fl oz70089600 fl oz
13 1664 fl oz405120 fl oz75096000 fl oz
14 1792 fl oz 506400 fl oz800102400 fl oz
15 1920 fl oz607680 fl oz850108800 fl oz
16 2048 fl oz708960 fl oz900115200 fl oz
17 2176 fl oz8010240 fl oz950121600 fl oz
18 2304 fl oz90 11520 fl oz1000128000 fl oz


So I hope you have liked the post and have learned from it. If you have any difficulty in solving any of the conversion of how many ounce in a gallon then please share it with me in the comment below. Till then.. Happy Learning!!

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