How Many Calories In An Egg? Health Meets Taste!

Eggs are of the most versatile edibles of all time and have been eaten and relished for as long as one can remember. Since eggs are tasty and healthy both therefore they are very much in demand up to this date and are considered as a super food. The high proteins are what make it attractive for those fitness freaks out there. You remember Marilyn Monroe, the retro beauty who used to set the stage on fire, she is one of the best examples of the benefits that can be drawn from eggs.

How Many Calories In An Egg

Small Egg: 55 Calories

Medium Egg: 70 Calories

Large Egg: 75 Calories

Extra large: 80 Calories

With certain benefits eggs can also be harmful for those wish to shed some extra pound from their bodies. So below we have given a complete description of the calorific count of various forms of eggs like how many calories in an egg, egg white, egg yolk, white egg omelet, egg puff, egg roll.

How Many Calories In An Egg?

How Many Calories In an Egg

Since eggs are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and especially high levels of protein, therefore it is often termed as a super-food. When talking about health, eggs are usually very healthy especially for heart patients when taken one per day, however along with its healthy characteristics, the calories of the eggs are given more attention.

When talking about the calorie count, the amount of calories present in an egg varies by its size and by the means used to prepare it. When talking about a plain egg (uncooked), the calorific value for a 100 grams of egg can count as much as 52 calories.

Calories In An Egg White:

How Many Calories In An Egg

In an egg there are two components that can be eaten together or separately. The yellow part is known as a yolk whereas the white clear part is known as egg white. Usually people prefer having only egg white instead of having the whole egg including the yolk.

Again the preparation and the size of the egg is what makes the difference in its calorific value. Suppose if it is a normal sized egg, therefore it would have approximately 4 grams of protein, and merely 17 calories. The low fat content of the egg white is what makes people prefer it more than the whole egg.

Calories In An Egg Yolk:

How Many Calories In An Egg

Eggs are considered to be one of the easiest means of providing your body with a set of the most essential nutrients needed by a body for its growth and overall development, the egg white as stated above if quite weight friendly as it given a tons of protein with the least amount of calories.

However, the case with egg yolks is not the same, the egg yolk being the core of an egg doesn’t seems to have a friendly calorie toll especially for the people who are very conscious about their weight. A raw egg yolk measuring about 100 grams can add a whopping 322 calories! Well this value surely seems to be taking a toll on the weight management, no wonder, why people tend to shy away from an egg especially from an egg yolk!

Calories In An Egg White Omelet:

How Many Calories In An Egg

No doubt eggs are extremely yummy when taken in any form (can’t say about having them raw!!!) , however when we cook an egg white omelet, after adding veggies and spices to it, the taste of the resultant dishes surely touch heights of yummy flavors!!!

Now forgetting that omelets are cooked in fat like ghee, oils, butter, refined oil etc, therefore the initial values of the low fat content of the egg white are definitely altered and can rise based upon how much fat you use. So talking about the calorific values of an egg white omelet, when prepared out of 2 white eggs, the resultant calories can amount to 160 with 20 grams of protein and a total fat content of 6 grams. So now you can make an easy way to your dietary plans in case you can’t resist abandoning eggs just for the sake of weight management!

Calories In An Egg Puff :

How Many Calories In An Egg

Egg puffs are certainly one of the tastiest egg dishes one can ever have. A nice outer crepe stuffed with a boiled egg along with an addition of veggies and spices makes it taste amazing! Alright we won’t be putting you in much trouble by awakening you taste buds for this deliciously awesome dish, rather we would be focusing on the calorific count of egg puffs. In case you are having a single egg puff, the approximate calorific value can be a total of 140 calories.

Calories In An Egg Roll :

How Many Calories In An Egg

Rolls are one of the easiest means of serving your appetite an easy yet tasty delight! Rolls are usually made with a main ingredient for stuffing, complemented by some chopped veggies and spices all wrapped up in a thin shit prepared out of dough. Talking about an egg roll, firstly we have to consider like how the egg has been used in the preparation of the roll, weather it is stuffed in the dough sheet or the roll stuffed with veggies are dipped in the egg.

No matter what medium you choose to munch on, the egg roll would not fail adding at least 200 calories per serving!!! Well after reading this amount we hope you won’t be taking a toll on your fitness just to satiate your taste buds!!

How Many Calories In An Egg (100g)


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So the above information was a complete breakdown of the calorific content in various forms of eggs. A note is to be made on the genetically skinny people who do not wish to gain weight even after having loads of fatty stuff. Since the genes are what makes a person into what he is therefore they matter a lot here. The people, who would be blessed with a genetically skinny body, won’t get fat, thanks to their genes, however exercises are still needed for them as the calories would definitely accumulate in some other form, giving rise to some other disease!

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