How Long Does Cannabis Stay In Your Blood?

Tetrahydrocannabinol is a substance that makes people ‘ feel high.’ It’s not the same as alcohol since it doesn’t disappear from your body so fast. According to the latest research, a drug test can detect it even after a month. 

Every person has a unique drug detection window. It can stay longer in your system in case you are overweight and not active enough. Regular cannabis users also have difficulty flushing traces of drugs.

If you want to know how long cannabis will stay in your body, you should take into account the last dose. The thing is that high-dosage products make it difficult to clean the system fast. 

In case you need to flush cannabis out of your system as soon as possible, start drinking green tea and water frequently. You should try to reduce your fat levels by all means. Consider working out in the gym and going to the sauna to get rid of drug toxins. Also, try to stick to a healthy diet while waiting for a drug test. 

People who need to pass drug tests can use quick fix 6.2, synthetic urine. It goes together with a heating pad inside. 

Make sure to learn about all types of drug tests since they all have different requirements. 

Do you want to learn how to prepare for a drug test? Check out the infographic below:

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