How Long Does A Strep Throat Last? Things You Need To Know

The weather seems to have a twist in its temperament, and has started taking a toll on your health. To tackle with this situation, here we have answered all your queries about a strep throat, its symptoms and how long it lasts.

So many of you might be thinking that you don’t have to reach to the roots of this disease as it is a normal sore throat which can be treated by normal medications.

Let’s start by differentiating between a strep throat and a sore throat.

How Long Does A Strep Throat Last - Difference Between, Strep Throat and a Cold

Difference Between, Strep Throat and a Cold

The first sign of the arrival of cold is often distinguished by a sore throat. However, a sore throat often goes away in the first two days. Along with a sore throat a common cold can also cause congestion and runny nose.

Strep throat, is a result of the activities of streptococcus bacteria or group a streptococcus, which is a major cause of sore throats and tonsillitis. A strep throat is more harmful than a sore throat as it is more painful and severe.

Now that it is clear that what actually a strep throat is, let us now be precautious by knowing that how it is spread:

How is strep throat spread and how long does a person remains contagious after being infected by it?

How Long Does A Strep Throat Last

Strep throat is caused by bacteria, therefore it is contagious.

So coming to the point that how is spread, we would like to first tell you to stop sharing your dishes and put a halt in your intimacy with someone infected with this disease. When a person having strep throat sneezes, breaths or coughs, the tiny bacteria is passed on to another person who comes in the path of the infected air.

Once the tiny droplets containing bacteria is inhaled the person becomes contagious until and unless the disease is treated.

How long does it takes to diagnose strep throat?

How Long Does A Strep Throat Last in adults

Strep throat can be diagnosed with simple laboratory testing. Generally a physical exam is undertaken to analyze the symptoms like a red throat and swollen lymph nodes. A rapid strep test or a throat culture can also be done to test the presence of the strep bacteria.

Also if a person’s conditions clearly suggests the presence of the culprit virus, then strep throat is diagnosed clinically.

There are many more signs which can clinically prove a strep throat:

  • Children aged 5 to 15 years are prone to be affected by this disease
  • Swelling and redness of the throat
  • Swelling and redness of the throat
  • Falling ill between late fall and early spring
  • Fever
  • Tender and enlarged lymph nodes in the neck

Laboratory tests include the following for the detection of the disease:

How Long Does A Strep Throat Last in kids

Rapid antigen detection test: it is an instant checkup done by healthcare professionals by simply swabbing at the back of the tonsils and throat. The results are usually declared within several minutes in some clinics. If the result comes out to be positive the person’s illness is confirmed, however a negative output does not proves the absence of illness as these instant tests are not so sensitive.

Throat culture: this test is undertaken if the previous test comes out to be negative, the sample is sent to the lab for further testing. The results are generally available within 24 to 48 hours. It is the gold standard test for diagnosing strep throat.

How long does a strep throat last with antibiotics:

How long does a strep throat last with antibiotics:

Once it is confirmed that you have strep throat, antibiotics like penicillin or amoxicillin will be prescribed. The antibiotics reduces the amount of time of you being contagious and helps the prevention of this disease by spreading to the rest of your body.

You can be contagious for two to three weeks if you avoid antibiotics, once you start taking antibiotics, the contagious effects of strep throat won’t last for more than twenty four hours. You will also start feeling relieved moments after you start taking antibiotics.

How long does a strep throat last with natural remedies?

How Long Does A Strep Throat Last - home-remedies

In case you cannot wait for your medicines to start effecting those culprit viruses, meanwhile you can rely on some natural remedies to speed up your recovery. You should drink a lot of fluids to make room in your effected area for humidity. Drink Teas rich with herb licorice which is an active ingredient helps to soothe your throat. If the the coolness doesn’t makes you feel good, in such case warm tea with honey can prove to be helpful.

PS: Don’t Leave It Untreated

Strep throat can prove to be dangerous if left untreated, untreated strep throat can further lead to complications like rheumatic fever and kidney disorder.

So now that we have learnt that for how long a strep throat lasts, we will now be focusing on how long does a strep throat last in various categories:

How long a strep throat last in infants: children getting infected by this disease in this age is not common. They may appear irritable and fussy, and also may feed less. Normal fever and nasal discharge can also be seen.

How long does a strep throat last in children: Children often complains of sore throat and painful swallowing.  Because of the pain they may eat less and complain of abdominal pain.

How long does a strep throat last in older children and teenagers: this disease has a very painful impact on this age group. severe sore throat can probably cause a lot of discomfort, and high fever can make the individual ill appearing.

How long does a strep throat last in adults: usually adults have milder symptoms. However, extreme pain is still possible in adults.

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