How is Inflammatory Arthritis Diagnosed?


With age, you have to deal with many limitations and health issues. Taking care of yourself mentally and physically can ensure fewer health concerns in older age. However, inflammatory arthritis is one of the common autoimmune diseases in older people. It is sometimes unavoidable, but you can control it by tracking the symptoms and using remedies. 

More than 40% of people have rheumatoid arthritis as they age 50. However, you can control the disease with early diagnosis. We are here to inform you about all the symptoms you should be aware of and some natural treatments. Let’s begin! 

Inflammatory Arthritis Symptoms 

If you are older, you should be aware of the changes in your body to help treat health concerns faster. Most people don’t know they have inflammatory arthritis until it’s too late. Here are some symptoms you should be aware of to deal with inflammatory arthritis better: 


1. Swollen Joints 

Inflammatory arthritis attacks your joints first, making them swollen or tender. One of the signs that make inflammatory arthritis distinct is excess inflammation for no reason. Your joints start to hurt badly and get swollen without trauma or moving too much. 

On the other hand, your joints start to get very warm and tender to the touch. You begin to feel pain when you touch the inflamed area. Sometimes, the pain is bearable, but too much inflammation is not that great. Excess swelling is concerning; hence, you should go to the doctor immediately. 

2. Fatigue and Loss of Appetite 

You also get other symptoms besides pain and swelling in the joints. If you are constantly tired after sleeping through the whole night, it may be due to arthritis. You feel feverish throughout the day and must force yourself to move around. 

On the other hand, many people also feel a change in their appetite. You will either start feeling more hungry than usual or lose your appetite. In most cases, the patient loses their appetite and has difficulty doing small activities. 

3. Stiff Joints in the Morning 

Another common symptom of inflammatory arthritis is stiffness in joints, especially in the morning. You start feeling stiffness and joint pain as soon as you wake up. The pain might take a few minutes to stop, and start your activity like usual. 

If joint stiffness commonly occurs in the morning, you should get blood work for diagnosis. You may feel your joints click and pain when you move too fast. You have difficulty moving after a few minutes of inactivity. 

Natural Treatment for Inflammatory Arthritis 

Natural treatments can work wonders for treating inflammatory arthritis. If you have the condition, these tips might help you: 

  • Elderberry 

The health benefits of elderberry will shock you and make you want to get it now. People with minor or major health issues like to include elderberry in their diets as it is enriched with compounds reducing inflammation. 

Is elderberry good for inflammation? It certainly is because of the high antioxidant content and properties to tackle redness. The antioxidants help release oxidative stress and strengthen your body’s immune system. Having elderberry supplements every day helps in reducing redness and pain. 


  • Aloe Vera 

We probably don’t use aloe vera in our day-to-day lives, but it has great benefits. Most people with rheumatoid arthritis use steroid medications to relieve pain and irritation. However, steroids and NSAIDs are not good for your body in the long run. 

Most people like to use aloe vera gel in its natural form or pills as a substitute for drugs. It works wonderfully in reducing redness and taking down swelling. People apply aloe vera gel on joints to suppress inflammation and manage pain. 


  • Hot and Cold Therapy 

Hot and cold therapy is one of the best temporary solutions to eliminate the pain. It helps repair nerves and release fluid that causes a lack of movement. You can use an ice pack and the heat pack to do this treatment. You can start by applying a cold pack on the swollen area and then putting heat on the same area. 

The pain will instantly go away, providing relief and reducing inflammation. However, you should consult a doctor before doing it, as it can sometimes worsen your condition. Make sure not to use heat or cold packs in the same area for too long, as it can damage the nerves. 


Final verdict 

Inflammatory arthritis is one of the common health concerns that most people have to deal with in their older age. However, recognizing the symptoms and using natural treatments can help keep them under control. You can use natural alternatives to treat arthritis instead of steroids for better health. 





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