How is API useful for all? Here are four examples where we use API in our daily lives

API or Application Programming interface is like a bridge between two software that helps them to exchange data with each other.
Whenever we use different apps on our mobile for various purposes, the app connects to the net and forwards data to a server.

Then the server fetches the data and recognizes it. After this, it performs necessary actions and sends us the information in a readable way. API assists in this process.

Now that you know the definition, lets go through some basic advantages of API first and then its usage in daily life – 

Uses of API

  • API is handy for developers as they don’t need to create a core app that has everything from messaging to maps.
  • API assists you in accessing your needed data to get your job done.
  • Only because of API are we able to integrate different systems with each other like school learning management programs, customer relationship management, etc.
  • It helps to build strong relationships between organizations by allowing them to reap benefits together.

4 Examples of using API in our daily life

We use API every day without our knowledge. Here’s how!

  1. Weather snippets

Weather snippets are the best example of API usage in everyday life. Whenever you search on Google weather + the name of your place, you will find a specialized box or snippets at the top of the results.

There you can see the whole weather update for that particular day. Do you ever wonder how Google sources this information? They are not in the weather-related data business till now.

They receive this detailed meteorological information from API in an easy and readable format. Not only Google, Apple’s weather application, and smart home devices like Alexa also take advantage of APIs.

  1. Pay with Gpay and Paypal

How often do we use GPay or PayPal to shop from an online store? I am sure most of you reading this use it at least once daily. All this has become possible because of API. Payment with GPay is built with APIs to ensure that the end application like Amazon or eBay can only do what it has to without getting exposed to secret data and access to sensitive permissions.

The API starts working from the moment the user clicks the pay with the GPay button. First, the app sends a request to GPay with the amount and other important details. Then, a popup confirms the user the price of the purchase.

If he or she decides to pay the amount, it sends payment confirmation back to the end application. This is the easiest and safest way for online shopping.

The websites or applications interacting with Gpay will not have direct access to your bank or card’s information. The responsibility for your security is on the GPay API.

The same thing goes with Paypal. If you also wish to integrate any payment app or get any custom Api built for your business, you can easily do with the help of API Development Services.

  1. Google Maps

With the help of Google maps, the user can access limitless geographical aptitude. You can find anything and everything from it. For example, if you are searching for the best restaurant in your nearby location or the nearest location, you can easily find it on Maps.

You can see the rating, reviews, business hours, contact information, and pictures on the Google Maps application. This is the result of Google Maps API’s activities.

Further, clicking on the map icon will take you to the Google Maps website.

  1. Twitter bots

Twitter uses multiple bots to leverage API. Twitter bots are accounts that follow software instructions for the automatic tweet, follow, retweet, and even send direct messages. The famous ones are as follows:

Tiny care bot: It sends hourly notifications to drink water, stretch, get fresh air, relax, etc

.Magic Realism bot: It generates magical stories using various combinations of genre-defining elements and puts them into a 280-character tweet. It happens every 4 hours.

Netflix bot: It tweets whenever Netflix releases new shows.

Over to you…

Now that you know why API is useful and how we use it daily, it is time for you to implement it for your business as well.

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