How Has Technology Affected The Online Casino Industry In Malaysia?


Technology has been changing the world as we know it for decades and it’s not going to stop. Technology changes the world for the better in a number of ways but how has it affected the online casino industry and how has it affected the Malaysian gambling market?

How Has Technology Shifted Online Casinos

With the introduction of internet casinos, the gaming business has entered a new era. Online gambling is now one of the most profitable enterprises in the online realm.

Gamblers began playing online from their homes and workplaces in the 1990s, when the internet transformed the entire narrative of gambling. For both the casinos and the gamblers, the automated procedures made life much simpler. Inexperienced gamers were also able to obtain a better grasp on casino games and learn new ones more quickly thanks to this tool.

In addition to being convenient, online gaming platforms allow players the opportunity to take advantage of a variety of discounts on a regular basis. To be able to play the games for free is nearly a given when it comes to online casinos. Even those who have never set foot in a regular casino have been enthralled by these fantastic features.

Today Malaysians can even find and make use of trusted online casino websites shortlisted by BBI, listing the best online casinos in available for Malaysiansand how you can get the most out of your responsible gambling and bonuses that are offered. Although Malaysia hasn’t made gambling illegal it is illegal under Islamic law. The fact that Malaysians are given the ability to gamble on such sites is huge!

The Introduction To Mobile Gaming

Since the first commercially accessible smartphone was released 15 years ago, the usage of mobile devices has steadily increased. More than half of all web traffic now comes from mobile devices.

Many nations with poor infrastructure, like India, have largely bypassed the desktop era of the internet and instead migrated to mobile.

The phrase “remote gambling” has been elevated to a new level thanks to smartphones. It’s no longer necessary to leave the house to play your favourite casino games online, all you need is an Internet connection.

The increase of mobile-first consumers is only going to make things better for the gaming business, and it’s only going to get better from here on out.

AI Is Building Better Online Casino Experiences

Artificial intelligence has made it possible for the gambling business to collect consumer data and make predictions about the behaviour of those customers based on that data. This aids casino software developers in creating new games that gamers would enjoy.

Adding new games and features is one method online casinos maintain a high level of player satisfaction.

The ChatBox option is one of these features that has gotten substantial upgrades. Prior to the introduction of artificial intelligence, it was mostly used by players to contact casino assistance, but today it may also be used to handle payments and withdrawals.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is one of the most recent advancements in technology. Based on what we’ve seen so far, it has the potential to transform how payments are made for good.

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum are a major component of this technology.  Based on where the online casino business stands at the moment, it appears that cryptocurrency will soon be the payment option of choice for most.

Cryptocurrencies open up a slew of new possibilities for online gambling. You may use them to transfer money to online casinos in a safe and efficient manner. Since crypto is not subjected to the same stringent regulations as conventional currency, there are several advantages to using it. In addition to this, gamers who utilise cryptocurrencies to deposit money into online casinos don’t have to provide any personal information before making a transaction. It also adds a whole new level of security when it comes to payment methods.

How has this affected the Malaysian Market

Overall the technological advancements in the online gaming scene have allowed a plateau of Malaysian players to have some wagering fun using offshore casinos. Unfortunately, the laws prohibiting online casinos to set up shop in Malaysia mean they are losing a ton of tax revenue to be made from the Online gaming industry. For the residents having the ability to take part in having some wagering, and fun is great but it surely doesn’t help the Malaysian country.


Just like there are Phychological Facts about love, there are the facts that technology is shifting the world and not just the Igaming industry. Technology will continue to advance the world for the better and there’s no slowing down innovation. This has allowed Malaysians to take part in gambling online with little to no hassle. When Malaysia will decide to take part in the tax revenue to be gained is still unknown and is likely to not happen for a long time coming.

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