How Did Kim Kardashian Get Famous: Secrets Revealed


Who doesn’t know the controversy queen Kim Kardashian? But did you know how did Kim Kardashian get famous?  Read on to know more about your favorite celebrity and her road to fame.

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We’ll reveal all the secrets about her career, and how she made her way to the fame she has today, the controversies she was set upon, the ups and downs she had to face, the times she’s been through etc.

1Early life:

Before going in to the gory details of how did kim kardashian get famous let’s see how her early life was –  Born on October 21, 1980 a resident of Beverly Hills, California, Kimberly Kardashian also known as Kim Kardashian is a name whose introduction is needed by none.

An actress, a socialite, a successful Model, and a business woman is worldwide famous for various reasons a few of them being a reality television star, her extraordinary curvaceous figure and scandals picturizing her to be an active participant in its happening.

She has a total of five siblings namely Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner.

Well, the glam world of Hollywood seems to be a really interesting one when viewed from the commoner’s side, but very few people know the reality of the glam world.

It is seen that a person who wasn’t a part of the glam world, suddenly rises to extremes of fame and glamour within no time.

2How is it possible?

There are a huge number of scandals which are hidden from the commoners, but in this modern world of supersonic technology with its media being active 24*7, it isn’t difficult to disclose the ugly secrets behind the curtain of fame and glamour.

One such examples of such INFAMOUS stunts is Kimberly Kardashian, who is rather famous for her scandals than her profession as she should have be.

3How/Why Did Kim Kardashian Get Famous?

Kim Kardashian was raised up in Beverly Hills which is a native place for Hollywood. Her mother Kris Jenner was not only a children’s boutique owner but was also involved in innumerable Hollywood events, and had many famous celebrities as her besties.

Because of the company her mother had, the glam world was no big deal for her. She became habitual of the extraordinary attention seeking lifestyles of the celebrities and was thus indulged in those activities at a very young age.

Together the Kardashian and the Jenner sisters made a history of brazenness to such an extent that nobody would ever have the guts to beat them!

The constant attention seeking drama of Kardashian and the Jenner sisters (with Kim being the Superior one) their lifestyle acts as fodder for the talking heads out there.

During her phase as a fresher, Kim didn’t leave a stone unturned to fetch the attention of millions of people worldwide, from multiple affairs and marriage to extremes of nudity, with her activities she made the people raise their brows, and also made sure that people don’t forget her desperate attention seeking gestures.

4Fame earned by – Keeping Up with The Kardashians

The landmark in the story of how did Kim Kardashian became famous started when she was featured in her reality show Keeping Up with The Kardashians, where she wasn’t given much attention.

5Fame earned by – Sex Tape

She initially rose to fame when her sex tape with her alleged boyfriend Ray J was leaked.

Kim Kardashian became famous by private video leakage. The private video’s leakage was a major shock that caused Kim to face the media, in which she didn’t point to a particular person, but all she mentioned was that she was totally devastated by the betrayal that was caused to her by some people she knew once.

Sympathies were with kimmy, as a woman’s modesty was violated over the internet, but those sympathies turned into curses and criticism when the truth about the video came out.

Kim was accused of leaking the video, for the purpose of hiking her career which is also called as DIRTY PUBLICITY. Her mother Kris, was accused of playing a vital role behind its leakage.

After the leaked video, her career had definitely reached heights, with that came with a number of men she was linked with, which made her loose people’s respect for her.

6Fame earned by – Marriage with Kris Humphries

Although she had been into a number of relationships, she took a toll on people’s emotions when she married Kris Humphries whom she divorced after 72 days of marriage!

The reason behind people’s hatred was not the broken marriage, but it was the reason behind the marriage was made.

Kim was accused of marrying Kris with the intentions of Publicizing her reality show Kim’s E! Show.

It’s not only her relationships which has made her a center of controversy, but her bold avatar at various intervals made her SEX SYMBOL!

Her extremely candid attitude didn’t make her uncomfortable in talking about her most private moments and in various interviews she disclosed the craziest place where she had sex and also told her favorite sex position! Well this girl has taken her personnel’s to another level!

7Fame earned by – Bold Photoshoots

Her candid attitude was followed by her bold photoshoots where in most of them she posed completely nude exposing her breast, butt and vagina!

Kim definitely loves her extraordinary curves and hates when people questions about them. Her exposing attitude definitely proves her spirit of boldness but her revenge is also taken in the form of nude pictures.

Her biggest nude pictures scandal was the one on which she posed nude in her bathroom. The leaked pictures were the activities of some hackers who hacked into her iCloud account, and leaked those pictures exposing her assets!

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When Kim Kardashian became pregnant with her first baby she was questioned by everyone about her FAT body.

She didn’t like the fact of being called as such and again posted a nude picture, this time exposing her belly, and captioned it “pregnant and proud”.

8Fame earned by – Instagram Pictures

She again took a toll, but this time it was Instagram she messed with.

As per the Instagram policies, users are not allowed to post nude pictures laying special focus on the private parts.

Kim Made a fun of these policies by editing her pictures with black bars on her nipples and abdomen and posted it on her account, however this time the controversy queen was backed by her half-sister, Kylie Jenner who uploaded the same kind of picture featuring her wearing a black bikini.

The controversies were not only confined to her, but her kids fell a prey of the lifestyle she had been living.

When her daughter North West was born, it was said that north was not the child of Kanye West, instead she was a product of her frozen eggs which was fertilizes by one of her exes.

The journey of Kim’s controversies are infinite, some exposed and some mysterious, stay tuned to get more spicy stuff on how did kim kardashian get famous!

How Did Kim Kardashian Get Famous: Secrets Revealed
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