How Comes Macau Beats Vegas in Revenue 3 Times?

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It is something that we have all considered at some time or another. But where is the best place to go gambling in the galaxy? For most people, Sin City is the first city that comes to mind. And there is no doubt that Las Vegas is a strong contender for the title of best gambling destination.
But, what about other cities around the world? I bet you didn’t know that Macau, China, also known as the Asian Las Vegas, was also a strong contender. So, which one is the better fit for you?
If you take your gambling really seriously, Macau is the better bet – it’s where you can really focus on gaming. The revenue from gambling in Macau is a lot higher than that of Vegas.
The atmosphere is a lot more serious as well, and if you really want to test your mettle against some of the best in the world, Macau deserves a visit. This is not a party town, though. There is strictly no booze allowed, and while this sounds harsh, you can get solace in the fact that your winnings won’t be taxed.
When you are getting to be an expert gambler at , have you ever given a thought about how to spend your winnings? Maybe you want to blow it all on a fabulous holiday and test your mettle against some professional gamblers.
Want to learn more? The infographic below sums it up perfectly.


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