How Are Millennials Funding Year Long Trips?

You’ve seen the new trends of college grads and other younger people spending the year travelling. You’ve probably wondered how they are doing it. Most of those people don’t seem old enough to have saved a ton of money and they certainly didn’t win the lottery. How are they paying for their travels?

Let’s take a look at six ways that they could be funding their trips.


This could be done a few ways. If the year long journey is a ministry trip, their church or a group of churches could be funding the trip. This is actually more common than you think. The church is paying for ministry, which is includes travelling and eating. So, while the trip has a worthy purpose, they are still allowed to have fun.

Now, the other way won’t be funded by a church. Crowdfunding like, Go Fund Me, are very popular now. This will most likely be very challenging. If you have a lot of generous friends, family, coworkers, friends or friends, and so on, you could get trip funded. This isn’t likely though.

Sold Belongings

This is a very likely scenario.  If you sold everything you have down to one suitcase, you could probably come up with enough money to travel for a year. Think of all of the things around you. Dresser, tv, clothes, shoes, tables, plates. You have a ton of money lying around.

Work Extra

Most people plan trips that are going to be that long in advance. That allows you to work your normal job and find extra ways to make money. If you are paid hourly and you can work extra hours, go for it. If your job doesn’t have any extra available hours, there are other things you can do. If you have a car and like to meet new people, you can be an Uber driver or a Shipt shopper. Being a server or valet driver are good options because you are allowed to make tips. You can make a lot of money fast with money from tips.


This is also a very reasonable scenario. Getting a loan is easier than you think. You don’t have to have an amazing credit, but at least, learn how to fix your credit issues or know how to remove a public record from your credit report, for they might affect your application. Loan is a great option if you don’t want to sell everything you have. After all, you will need to purchase new items when you return. Just remember that you will need to make payments monthly on the loan.


Most people aren’t lucky enough to have parents with that much extra income. However, it does happen. Some people are skipping college and using their college fund to gain worldly experience through travel. This is a realistic option for those who only need two years of college for their degrees, like Registered Nurses. If you’re parents planned for four years of college, but you only need money for two years, that’s a good way to spend the extra money.

It’s Actually a Job

Sometimes work looks like play. There are tons of ways to make money online. You can make money with a travel blog. You can talk about food, culture, etc. If you don’t want to become a blogger, there are other options like freelance writing and photography, or virtual assistant. There are many traditional jobs that let you work from home too. Those jobs would be great for funding your travels.

The next time you see someone globetrotting, just remember you can too. It may seem like something only the privileged can do, but with a little planning and hard work, so can you. Remember to be creative with ways to make money. There are opportunities all around you.

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