Honeymoon Ideas In The Caribbean


When thinking about marriage and weddings, often one of the most exciting parts is going on your honeymoon. When considering what location to choose for your honeymoon, couples have their own individual preferences and ideas of where would be the perfect romantic getaway. However, the common consensus among couples going on their honeymoon vacation is finding a holiday that allows them to unwind and relax whilst having a memorable and unique experience. This is why many couples who have gotten married are now opting to go to the Caribbean as it is scenic, tranquil and picture perfect with plenty to do.

In fact, many couples are choosing to visit Antigua and Barbuda in particular which have stood out as unforgettable destinations. This is largely due to the pleasing temperatures and the climate which stays warm all year round. This is perfect for couples who are getting married in the winter period but still want to reap the benefits of a summer vacation. Going to Antigua and Barbuda during the winter months can also be a good idea as you can avoid huge crowds and tourists. Another drawing factor to these destinations is the wide array of stunning beaches that scatter the islands. Antigua has 365 beaches alone which give couples plenty of time to spend quality time together and unwind by talking a walk along the glistening sand.

Furthermore, as couples are continuously striving to have a unique honeymoon there is actually a tendency for many of them to abandon traditional forms of accommodation and instead opt to sail through locations like Antigua and Barbuda. It is worth it for couples to brainstorm, but there are some ideas here in order to plan the best possible honeymoon. Sailing through locations like Antigua and Barbuda is an excellent way of visiting several sites and soaking up the culture. There are also several different options in terms of vessels to choose from including those that are smaller so you can have a more intimate holiday with your partner. There is even the option to choose and have a captain or a crew on board which can make your trip extra special. 

In Antigua and Barbuda there are also plenty of places to eat and have a romantic dinner out at a nice restaurant during your honeymoon. Not only is this an excellent method of getting to know your partner more, but it is also a great way to celebrate your new marriage and spend some quality time together, all while enjoying a delicious meal. Prior to embarking on your honeymoon, it is a good idea to carry out some research on some restaurants on the area you are passing through. Finding places to dine that caters to both of your palettes whilst offering new cuisine to sample is a sure fire way of finding a high quality dining establishment.

There are also plenty of activities to take part in for couples who are focused on chartering a yacht to explore the islands. For those couples who have an adventurist streak in them, Antigua and Barbuda offer numerous opportunities to take part in water sports. From snorkelling to kayaking, there is no better way to bond with your partner than improving your physical and mental wellbeing together whilst taking in breathtaking scenery. On top of this, visiting a waterfall in either of these regions is a memorable activity and can be the perfect backdrop for some romantic honeymoon photos. You may even get to catch a glimpse of marine life or wildlife when you venture out into nature with your partner!

For those couples who want to inject extra romance into their holiday, it may be worth getting up early and watching the sunrise. This works best in the Caribbean where the time difference means you will probably be waking up early. It may also be the opportunity to take a scenic picture or to relax with a picnic. During this time, it is also a good idea to engage in a digital detox with your partner which gives you a chance to reconnect without any distractions.

One of the main benefits of a honeymoon is having undistracted alone time to be fully present, nourish your new marriage, delight in each other’s company and truly celebrate your commitment. Remember that for those couples who are going on honeymoon, planning ahead and making a to do list is vital. However, you shouldnt stick too much to your to do list as you also want to go with the flow and be spontaneous. You may also want to consider making and sticking to a budget and not exceeding it, especially because you want to start married life off on the best foot. 

In conclusion, with so many honeymoon destinations to choose from it can be overwhelming for couples to choose from the many options that are available. Antigua and Barbuda are two of the most popular locations that couples are choosing to spend this special time in. This is because there are so many activities to do along with a great climate. This trend of going to Antigua and Barbuda has coincided with the amount of people hiring a yacht instead of opting to go on a traditional form of holiday. In the future, we should witness more and more people choosing to sail through Antigua and Barbuda as they are beginning to sve the benefits of doing so.


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