11 Home Remedies For Constipation Naturally & Quickly

You are taking more than usual on the washroom pot, facing trouble while passing your bowels and experiencing very hurting poo. Then I may say you are constipated. we are going to discuss constipation and some of the extremely efficient home remedies for constipation.

Nothing can be more painful than a difficult to expel poo. We generally avoid talking about constipation thinking it is not a worth talking issue. Constipation is a problem that is there in around 20 percent of the population irrespective of its criticality, for the rest they suffer in silence.

Know Constipation: Constipation is a digestive disorder in which one faces difficulties while passing bowels. Constipation can be chronic or acute. That means if you are chronic you are highly constipated on the other hand acute is the one you have occasionally. Though it is a very common disorder but if not taken seriously its criticality can increase with the passage of time.

Constipation can bring many other conditions like acidity, bloated abdomen, lack of interest in doing work, loss of appetite, headache, irritation, mouth ulcer, embracement and even mental tension. The other daunting thing about constipations is it can affect you regardless of your sexual category and your age.


Home Remedies For Constipation: If you find any of these condition true to yourself, you can go ahead and try these home remedies for constipation. Here we have many home remedies that can treat constipation by improving your digestive functionality.

Home Remedies For Constipation

Lemon To The Rescue:

For centuries lemon and warm water is proving it be the best aid for the digestive disorders. Since we are dealing with constipation a type of digestive mess, so I thought, to begin with this.


You should have:
1. One fresh lemon sliced in half
2. 1 glass of warm water
3. Some honey or salt (options)

Procedure: Squeeze a half of lemon in a glass of warm water. Add some honey to it for taste or a pinch of salt. Mix it well and drink when the water is lukewarm.

Lemon can flush off your toxins and honey can give you a great flavor and will work on the mild laxative. It will be great if you will add salt instead of honey as salt can detoxify your stomach and can add magnesium which improves contracts and hence let you pass the bowels.

Say Hi To Sesame Seeds:

Can you believe these tiny Sesame seeds can give you a break from constipation! Sesame seeds contain oils that indirectly moisturize the intestine from within and this greasing lets the stool pass with comfort. You can take these the way you want. Add it to your salad, make healthy cereals or you can even grind it dry and sprinkle it on your food.


Grease It Up With Olive Oil:

If you are constipated then oil is your thing. I am not talking about any other but pure olive oil. Olive oil is a perfect blend of taste and health and it is among the best home remedies for constipation as it can cure the one with an ease. Olive oil fuels up the digestive system and let the things move in the direction of the colon. If taken frequently it can even avert constipation.

You should have:
1. One tablespoon of pure olive oil
2. One tablespoon Lemon juice (optional)

Procedure: Take a tablespoon of pure olive oil now add fresh lemon juice to it and drink it right away. It will be great if you make this your morning empty stomach routine or you can even take it when you haven’t eaten for 3 to 4 hours as it will do the best that way.

Water! Water! And Water:

Water is the soul cure of constipation. Add more water to your daily routine. When you are constipated you go to the toilet more often and hence pee more, this can even leave your body dehydrated. To stay away from the key cause of constipation you have to keep your body hydrated and nothing can do this better than the sip of water.

Drink around 4 to 5 liters of water in a day. If you find drinking so much of water in a day boring, then you can even add some flavor to it through the nourishing and refreshing juices but remember nothing can work better than water.

Man drinking bottle of water outdoors after workout

Jump High With Coffee:

We love our morning coffee but did you ever thought a cup of hot aromatic coffee can do much more than just making your day go fresh. Yes! Coffee can even cure your potty problem. Coffee holds caffeine and it stimulates the digestive system and hence controls constipation.

You should have:
1. Coffee
2. 1 Cup boiled water
3. Sugar

Procedure: I know when it comes to coffee we don’t compromise on the way we like it. So, no, I am not gonna teach you on how to make coffee, gave you the ingredients I hope you can prepare it by your own, just the way you like it. Make it the way you want to, add little chocolate or caramel, but take it in the morning.

You can have one to two cup of coffee in a day but not more than this it cause urination and frequent urine ultimately leads to dehydration, the vital cause of constipation.

Sweet Savior Blackstrap Molasses:

While talking about home remedies for constipation how can we forget molasses! Blackstrap molasses is the third boiling outcome of the sugarcane juice. It contains magnesium the biggest enemy of constipations. Molasses can save you from both chronic and occasional constipations.

You should have:
1. 1 teaspoon of the blackstrap molasses
2. 1 cup of warm water or tea

Procedure: Take a cup of warm water or tea and dissolve one tablespoon of blackstrap molasses in that. Start with a single teaspoon and gradually increase the quantity to 2 to 3 teaspoons. If you have the guts you can even have a teaspoon blackstrap molasses without water or tea as it will show it effects comparatively faster.

Ginger Tea:

Yeah ginger is the cure to many digestive disorders than how can we forget this one while talking about constipation. It is the most common and the very beneficial home medication that can cure your constipation undoubtedly. And by adding mint in it, you can make the tea even more advantageous.

Ginger is a herb with a warm nature and hence generate the heat when gets introduce your body on the other hand mint is full of menthol which relaxes the muscles in the digestive track. Both of these together can make your start of the day go round by reducing your potty problem.

You should have:
1. 2 to 3 small pieces of ginger
2. 1 peppermint tea bag
3. 1 cup water
4. Sugar for taste

Procedure: Take a pan. Start heating water in it; now add the mentioned pieces of ginger. Let it boil for 2 to 3 minutes. Add the required amount of sugar. Now place your mint tea bag and drink when it is warm.

Fibers For Can Make Your Day Fab:

Good diet can make you say goodbye to numerous digestive problems and when you talk about a healthy diet, Fiber captures the VIP seat. Artificial food is good when eaten lesser but grains, veggies and fruits can do magic on your stomach as it contains high-quality fiber. Here we are talking about fibers the actual home remedies for constipation.

In your intestine, fiber never gets digested conversely it works like a piece of sponge. It absorbs water from the surrounding, swell and turns the stool soft. This softness adds moisture to the stools brings smoothness in the movement of the same and let it go by with an ease.

You can get fiber from apricot, berries, pears, apple, potato, nuts, beans and broccoli. Take then in a healthy way. Bear in mind as fiber work like a sponge, you should take a good amount of water while eating fibrous food.

Fizzle Up With Baking Soda:

Can you imagine the baking soda curing your constipation! Yes! It can! Baking soda chemically known as sodium bicarbonate is a weak base and when this base reacts with the acids present in your stomach, it produces salt and water with the release of carbon-dioxide. The discharge of water facilities the smooth passage of the bowels.

You should have:
1. 1 Teaspoon baking soda
2. ¼ cup of warm water

Procedure: Drop 1 teaspoon of baking soda in the warm water. This one will also do for stomach pain and acidity.

Walk! Walk! And Walk:

Morning walk can cut down many of your body messes and same is the thing with constipation. 15 to 20 minutes of quick morning walk can help your bowel movement. You can even take some slow walk after having a heavy meal instead of lying on the bed. This will correct your digestive crisis and give you a sound relief from constipations.


Cut The Constipation With Castor Oil:

Castor oil can also help you with constipation, as it stimulates the large and small intestine and makes the bowel movement smooth.

You should have:

  1. 2 teaspoon castor oil
  2. Fruit Juice (optional)


Take 2 teaspoon of castor oil and mix it with a fruit juice. Castor oil will stimulate your intestine and juice will keep your hydrated. If you have the guts, you can even take solo castor oil as it will work faster.


Causes Of Constipation:

• Constipations generally occurs when the muscles in the colon start contracting slowly or if the colon starts absorbing too much of water making the stools movement slow due to the shortage of water.
• If you take poor diet, do less or no physical activity and drink less than required amount of water then get ready to say hello to constipations.
• Irregular defecation habit, weakness of the abdominal muscles, laxative abuse, stress, hemorrhoids and intake of some medications can even make you constipated.

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Constipation can bestow you with physical discomfort which can be damn frustrating. Before you get nervous and run towards your doctor or in the direction of the med-store let me tell you that you can fix it with some medicines that are already there in your kitchen.

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