Why Hiring a Business Lawyer is Crucial to Any Successful Business

Hiring a Business Lawyer is Crucial to Any Successful Business

All serious business managers and entrepreneurs understand that having sound legal advice is very important in establishing and building a business. Whether the operation is a growing business or a new startup, having an attorney overseeing the legal issues associated with the company is vital for a variety of reasons. Company assets require protecting and the nature of the business could bring with it certain legal liabilities as well, and having a legal professional evaluating your business plan is always a good operational decision. It is easy to become involved in a legal dispute in any industry, and being protected beforehand can actually be a lifesaver for any company. Having a reputable San Diego business lawyer advising your management team can be much more than just a real plus.

Business Structure

It is very often best to consult with an attorney before even beginning a business operation because company structure can be a serious component of success. This is particularly true for partnerships of any scope or size because there can be advantages to establishing a limited liability company or some type of corporation. Even sole proprietorships that are expanding operations could well want to convert to an LLC for income tax liability purposes, depending on the type of industry, as an LLC business is effectively a “pass through” company when taxes are evaluated. Some entrepreneurs may want a S corporation arrangement instead, but there are more restrictions involved concerning taxation. A knowledgeable legal professional can inspect a business plan and advise on what type is best.


Licensing is also a very important aspect of conducting business in California. This is essentially a local issue, but the state is involved as well. Certain types of businesses providing specific services will often need individual licensing beyond the general business operational license. A San Diego business lawyer can investigate all required licensing for whatever the business type may be and explain the protocol.


Almost all businesses will have contracts of some type involved in their daily operations, and many operations rely on contracts for all of their business cash flow. Whether it is devising contracts for procuring potential business relationships or understanding all of the detailed terms of an agreement, a San Diego business attorney can be a real asset when it is time to sign any agreement. Business managers should understand implications and responsibilities of all affected parties when entering into agreements because legal disputes are very common when terms of an agreement are breached and liabilities could be exposed. Businesses that are any sort of franchise will also need in-depth legal evaluation of any conditional contracts for marketing, advertising, and product line.


Another serious concern for business managers is liability exposure. All workers will need workers’ compensation insurance in many industries, and general liability for the company could be an issue as well such as the potential for a personal injury claim from an incident at any location. Businesses utilizing rolling stock in daily operations will also need commercial vehicle licensing and insurance along with ensuring that employees have proper certification as well. There are many instances where businesses could be liable for damages in a litigious business environment, and an experienced business attorney can help guard against significant losses due to lawsuits.

No matter the size of your business, there will always be potential legal issues on some level. Having an established and reputable San Diego business lawyer overseeing your business and advising on certain aspects is no longer a luxury or option for business managers. It is a necessity in the contemporary economy.

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