Hily: Not Your Average Dating Site


    I have nothing against the women around me but I have a very specific type. I am into white women. Living in Asia, you might imagine that I don’t get to meet many white women here. My job has this perk where I get to take a tour of the US every few months. The duration is usually about a week; definitely not enough to meet someone new AND start dating them. Luckily, I found a review about this dating website called hily.com that helps me connect to beautiful women in the US before I go and visit them. Saves a lot of time!

    People on hily

    So as I mentioned, hily.com is a dating website. But there is something different about hily. In stark contrast with many other dating websites that I have used over the years, hily has a good ratio of women to men. And most importantly, the people on hily are real. You won’t encounter a fraud on hily. All accounts go through a strict verification process: ALL THE TIME, not just when creating the account. Every photo that you upload is moderated and screened. Also, the people are generally nice, I mean, hily is a very new website and people on hily are keen on starting afresh; sincerely wanting to start something new.

    Word of caution 

    Hily is a new website and looks like it’s still under development. There are quite a few things that are missing right now. But what I am trying to say is don’t focus on what is missing. I am writing this hily review to show you what hily can offer while informing you in advance that it may not have all that you may be expecting. Plus, I have too much free time on my hands. I might as well do something constructive XD.

    Getting Started with hily

    It’s quite easy to get going on hily. You create an account, which is completely free (no credit card information asked from you), and use your email ID to register. You can also register using your facebook account. In any case, the registration is straightforward and does not take more than a few minutes. One thing that they could have included in the registration process is some sort of a form where you could specify your interests and preferences. The current registration process seems a bit too simple. You do have the option of setting your preferences after registering on hily but it seems to be unnecessary work for some basic options. Hily does have an app as well and I think it works in a very similar way to the website. As it currently is, the registration on hily can be done in the following steps:

    Steps for registration

    • Fill up a small form where you just type in some of your personal information. Also, make sure to choose a password that you can remember. You don’t want to be locked out from the dating scene XD.


    • Fill in your date of birth


    • Fill in your postal code/zip code. This is used for matching people close to you if you want to start dating people for real right away.


    • Finally, you have to upload a picture that would serve as your profile photo.

    That pretty much covers it. Like I said, it’s quite simple.

    Finding a date on hily 

    Hily works kind of like the dating app Tinder. After you register, you are shown profiles of other people and like on Tinder, you can choose to “like” or “dislike” that person. But of course, your task is not over yet. Hily also works on the concept of “mutual likes” which means that the person that you have “liked” must also “like” you as well before you can start messaging them. This might put a damper on your plans though. If you don’t get “mutual likes”, your experience may not be ideal on hily. But hey, that’s real life for you.

    Tinkering with settings 

    If you recall, I mentioned that there are some settings that you can change after you have registered on hily. Let’s talk about some of those. The very first thing you might want to do is set an appropriate filter for the type of people you want to meet. This means that you specify the gender of the person you are interested in dating and the range of age as well.

    After setting the filters, you can go to the general settings and specify some things about yourself.

    A couple of more options would have really done the job. I personally would like to also specify that I smoke and drink. I mean, I don’t want to meet a woman after jumping through the hoops only to be rejected because she can’t stand a man who drinks or smokes -_-.

    Talking to people 

    If you have a “mutual like” (hang in there if you don’t), then you can start texting with the other person. Start with a simple “hello”. Remember, they “liked” you too so don’t lose your cool! If you have texted anyone in your life then you got this. Not much to explain here really. Although, you do not have emojis here. I dont use emojis really; I think they are childish. But many people may like to and on hily, you cannot use emojis. I hope your strategy for getting a date wasn’t based on emojis XD.

    Reliable Customer Support 

    It is the live internet and you might run into some issues here and there. It’s good to know that you have somewhere to turn to when you need help. I have been in contact with the customer support of hily time and again and I have received a quick response every time. This is good because sometimes you might find yourself in an emergency situation like you have been locked out of your account or something and you would be counting the seconds until the problem is resolved.

    If you are new to the online dating scene, Hily is a good place to start. It’s hard to get lost here. 

    Many dating websites are complex and their interface looks like the control panel of a space shuttle. Hiiy is simple; the interface is easy on the eyes. The people are nice and the probability of being scammed is very low. You still must be cautious but for the most part, you will alright.  


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