Highest CBD Strains Available Today


CBD is becoming popular now more than ever because it can alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, and back pain. However, it comes from different strains, and consumers are left to figure out which ones are great for them.

Some people consider their flavor profiles when choosing a strain, and others are more concerned with terpene content. Most wanted to know the THC percentage in the overall product to make sure that they won’t get high. The ideal kind should contain less than 0.3% of THC, and others even have 0% of this compound in their final product tuf steel gaskets.

You may be buying CBD oil for medical purposes or just want to take them for a more stress-free day. Read more about CBD in this site here:  Regardless of your reasons for taking CBD, you need to get the most reputable products out there, and you can start by knowing which breeds are right for you.

The best and the ones with the highest strains are known to have a pretty long genealogical lineage. They are plants that have high CBD but contain almost no trace of THC. Here are some of the facts that may help you in choosing the best oil that you need.

Top Picks from Users Around the World

  1. Harlequin

This is dubbed as the wakeful variety that can help you cope with addiction. Even if the name came from the famous jester, Harlequin, this breed is far from a joke. It generally possesses around 15 to 20% levels of CBD, and this strain is noted for its 5:2 ratio in CBD and THC.

This allows the users to use this as daytime maintenance, and it does not exhibit the effects of THC. For many people who are addicted to certain substances, most medical experts recommend Harlequin. You can look here on this site if you want more info about Harlequin. The strains can result in a clear-headed kind of alertness, and it does not make its users go into a state of high euphoria, unlike marijuana.

  1. ACDC

This is the hybrid that won’t leave you with a thunderstruck feeling. Despite its name coming from a popular band, it leaves its users with a soothing and calming feeling. It has a high CBD content, and the quantities can be up to 20% of the overall product.

What makes this variety much-liked by most people is that its ratio of CBD to THC is only 20:1. This means that for every ACDC strain, you get at least 20% CBD and only 1% of THC, which is something that’s not enough to make the users high.

The extract or oil helps the brain to release proper chemicals that can modulate stress. This is very common for patients trying to cope with a specific medical condition and may need extra sedation. The strains also have the healing and therapeutic effects without the dreaded high.

  1. Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web

This is a popular breed because it is considered the base in which the treatment of Epilepsy was formed. The strain is not only famous for its intense 20% cannabidiol content, but it’s also rich in history. This particular variety was named after a little girl called Charlotte Figi.

Charlotte had Dravet Syndrome, and unfortunately, she experiences more than a hundred seizures each week. She still experiences these horrible seizures despite the development of conventional medicines at that time.

The seizures were negatively impacting her life, and it is very trying for her. Her health could not cope well, and if this continues, it will be dangerous to her overall health. When the researchers tried the strain on her, it helped young Charlotte reduce the frequency of her seizure episodes.

Charlotte’s Web has been grown and known to treat extreme forms of epilepsy. This is an excellent choice if one suffers from too much anxiety since it contains the highest dose of CBD without the THC.

The flavors are citrusy and floral, so this is a good option for those who have delicate palates. For adults that want to experience the subtle and therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol, then this is an excellent option for them. This whole-plant cannabis can help them become calmer, sleep more soundly, and have better appetites.


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