Here’s What to Gift Your Friends This Christmas Based on Their Zodiac Signs

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Wondering what to get the ladies in your life this holiday season? Tired of spending countless hours wandering from department store to department store with no luck? 

Well, thanks to a new gifting guide put out by Joybird, you don’t have to. Unlike other more generic gifting guides, this guide is catered to each zodiac sign and is based on survey data. 

Ready for the breakdown? Read on.


If you have a Capricorn on your list this Christmas, it’s best to keep it simple. Dark wash jeans, running shoes, airpods, and a functional backpack are among the top gift ideas for Capricorns.


Taurus women know how to keep it classy. If you’re shopping for a Taurus woman this holiday season, be sure to pick up one of the following items: wine tour, antique clutch, romance novel, or a fuzzy robe. 


Notoriously materialistic, Virgos can be tricky to shop for. But Virgo women are sure to love any of these no-frills gifts: minimalist necklace, cozy socks, a biography, or an oversized sweater.


Known as the trend-setters of the zodiac, you might also find shopping for your Aquarius friends pretty difficult. But Aquarius women across the country have spoken and here’s what they want to see under the tree this year: Chelsea boots, a tablet, concert tickets, a clothing subscription box, or a trendy leather tote!


The age-old question: what do I gift my Gemini friends? We recommend one of these 4 items: a locket, a smartphone, a makeup subscription box, or a face mask. 


Libra’s are uber stylish. So what should you get for the fashionable Libras in your life this Christmas?

You can’t go wrong with any of these ideas: a birthstone necklace, wedges, a stylish headband, or perfume!


Shopping for an Aries this holiday season? Be sure to pick up one of the following items: An E-reader, eye shadow palette, engagement ring, broadway tickets, or a wristlet. They won’t disappoint.


What do you by for the Queen of the Jungle? That is the question. If you’re stumped about what gift could possibly be good enough for the Leos in your life, heed this advice:

Buy them gold hoop earrings, an edgy leather jacket, a crime novel, or a leather tote for Christmas! 


Ahh, Saggitarius friends. Though they can be tough to shop for, at least you can knock out their birthday and Christmas gift in one fell swoop– gotta love December birthdays!

Here’s what Saggiatrius women want this holiday season: running shoes, a baseball cap, essential oils, and interestingly…. A waffle maker.


A spa day, shower speaker, or a bath bomb, are all ideal gifts for your favorite water sign! 


Scorpios are go-getters. So what do you get your boss lady Scorpio friends this year? You can’t go wrong with one of the following items: dark wash jeans, casual street shoes, or some fresh scrunchies!


One of the most-loved signs of all, Cancers deserve to feel a slither of the light they pour out into the world this Christmas. 

Here’s what to gift your beloved Cancer gals this year: a cozy, oversized sweater, casual street shoes, a candle, or a mystery novel.


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