Cool Tips for Decorating a Home Office

Do you spend a lot of time working from home? Whether you run a business from your place, you work remotely or you just need a place where you will organize your finances and pay your bills in peace, you need a home office where you will be able to do any of these things. However, your office doesn’t have to be a room that looks more like a prison cell with one desk and a chair rather than a cozy nook. With some clever ideas for your home office decoration, you can create a place where you will have no problem burning the midnight oil.

Find the right spot for your office

Since you will probably spend several hours in your office on a daily basis, you shouldn’t place it in a tiny corner of your house just so you wouldn’t sacrifice a guest room you barely use. Instead of placing a desk under your staircase or in a cramped windowless closet, find a place where you will feel comfortable. Even if you have to turn your guest room into an office, you can still get a couch that pulls out so you have an extra sleeping space if guests decide to sleep over. In addition, make sure you choose a quiet place, somewhere where you don’t hear the traffic all the time or the noise from the living room. If you are a business owner and clients will often stop by, you should choose a private space where there will be plenty of seating options.

Beauty and function

Your home office is exactly that, a HOME office, so it should be a part of your living space. After you have decided which items you need in your office to make it as functional as possible, look for furniture pieces that complement the rest of your house. If your home is a traditional one, opt for large, comfy chairs and a wooden desk. In case your home Office decoration in contemporary style, modern metal furniture will fit in quite nicely.

Splurge on a good chair

Keep in mind that you will spend a lot of time in your office chair, so buy a great one that provides good back support and is as comfy as possible. You do not want to end up with severe back pain just because you wanted to save money on your chair.

Find accessories you love

Your office should have that cozy vibe just like the rest of your house. Therefore, hang interesting art pieces such as carved Balinese sculls. If you haven’t heard about these amazing pieces, you can discover more here. Also, you can place colorful cushions on the chairs, place your favorite souvenirs on the shelves, or put pencils in your favorite mug. If you have kids you can hang their framed artwork and place their photos on your desk.

Gorgeous curtains can make your office look more inviting, while your home Office decoration wastebasket is a more suitable choice than a black, metal one. If you have been looking for a glass display for homes, then the red sea aquarium would be the ultimate choice that will give style and elegance to your home. The red sea aquarium has small with and a longer height and length. It is normally hanged on walls using hooks. You can have a customized wall aquarium that can fit at the center of your wall or use it as a corner display. Aquariums make the space lively and eye-catching.

Choose a wall color you love

In company offices, walls are mostly painted with neutral colors, such as white, eggshell, or beige. Since this is your own space we are talking about, you should choose a color you love. It can be anything from navy blue and cheery to dark green or playful yellow. You should know that certain colors can affect your mood, so take that into consideration before you make a decision.

A room with a view

Staring at a computer screen for too long can cause tired eyes and headaches. Therefore, it would be nice if you had something else to look at besides your monitor and the wall. Placing your desk near the window can allow you to look through it whenever your eyes get dry, and it will also let natural light in. In case it is not possible to have an office with a window, hang a pretty picture above the desk.

Hide messy cords

Your computer, printer, and phone look the way they do, and there is not much you can do about that. However, you can make sure that all those cords don’t become the focal point of your office. Before you bring in the furniture, think about where your desk will be, and place outlets close to it. Also, hide the ugly cords on the desk with a fabric cord cover, tame the cord mess on the floor with cord winders, and get colorful cord clips.

Let there be light

Your office should be a well-lit place, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for a boring ceiling fixture. Instead, place a small lamp on the desk for task lighting, one on the table next to the chairs, and a floor lamp in the corner. This way you won’t strain your eyes, and your home office will look warm and cozy.

Your home office will be a space where you will spend a lot of your time, so use these tips to turn it into a place you will love.

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