Have You Ever Thought about Getting an Electric Lighter?

Electric lighters are relatively rare, and they don’t carry the same historical value that traditional lighters do, which is why traditional lighters are sometimes used as status symbols. However, as electric lighters are becoming more popular, they are slowly replacing traditional ones. Here is a list of reasons why that is happening.

Electric Lighter

Environmental Impact

One of the biggest reasons you should replace a traditional lighter with an electric one is how green the electric lighter is.

Our environment is visibly worsening. Most people now think that climate change is a major threat to humanity. From the increased intensity of typhoons to rising sea levels, climate change is expected to deal more than one trillion dollars of damage by 2100, not to mention the countless lives lost.

Traditional lighters directly release gas into the air and harm the environment. They also don’t last as long, so processing the glass and metal will release additional greenhouse gases.

While creating electricity isn’t completely green in most countries, that’s quickly changing and our electricity is getting greener than ever. That means that recharging your electric lighter will have a much lower carbon footprint and environmental impact. That’s why if you want to reduce your impact and be more considerate of the climate, you should use electric lighters.


Longevity is also a big plus for electric lighters. There are two parts of traditional lighters that cause their  lifespan to be drastically shorter:

  1. The flint is the part of the lighter that causes the initial spark that starts the fire. It slowly deteriorates with each use and before long, you won’t even be able to initiate a fire even if the lighter is full of gas. While it isn’t impossible to replace the flint, it takes way too much time and effort, and it is usually cheaper to just replace the lighter with a new one.
  2. The gas in the lighter is finite, and the cheaper lighters run out of it quite quickly. While it is much easier to refill the gas than changing the flint, the operation isn’t flawless. The tube insert in many lighters is very delicate, and after a few refillings, it is more likely than not that the tube insert will break, which makes the lighter effectively useless.

Electric lighters neither use flints or gas, and that makes them overall more robust compared to the traditional part. The only part of the electric lighter that might be damaged is the power port, but considering most electric lighters are higher quality, there is less chance of them breaking.


There are things that make electric lighters more practical and flexible. You’ll be able to rely on your electric lighter in many different situations:

  • Some electric lighters are waterproof and still ignite even if they are wet. We’ve all experienced the annoyance of not being capable of starting a fire due to a wet lighter, and you can say goodbye to this with electric lighters.
  • While it’s not possible to refill traditional lighters with gas everywhere, most electric lighters use traditional chargers, and you can charge them as long as you have electricity.


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