Top 13 Haunted Places In Pune That Would Make You Shiver

haunted places in Pune

Spooky, Dark, mythical, mysterious or the paranormal- India is known to be the breeding ground of unknown secrets, giving rise to many presumptions and mottled answers about ghosts, demons, vampires or the typical Indian ‘buri aatma’. Did the mere mention of haunted places in Pune made your eyes sparkle with thrill and excitement or did it make you cringe with fear and hide in your blanket?

If you are the kind of person who loves impulsive exhilarating journeys, here are the reasons why you need to head straight to Pune for the ultimate adrenaline rush!

Here we present to you, the list of most haunted places in Pune that would make you shiver:

Holkar Bridge, Khadki

haunted places in Pune

Holkar Bridge is one of the most haunted places in Pune, lots of locals generally advice to avoid driving down this road in night. A large number of ghost sightings and paranormal activities have been reported in this area. This Bridge is also famous for many mysterious and unexplained deaths.

Chandan Nagar

haunted places in Pune

Chandan Nagar is famous as the home to the poltergeist of a little girl who appears after midnight every night. The legend goes that years ago this girl died on a construction site; however her spirit still remains there. Many locals have seen her screaming and running around, with a doll in her hands.

Victory Theatre, Camp

haunted places in Pune

The Victory Theatre might not sound like the kind of place that would be haunted, but this place has seen its share of spooky stories in approximately 5 decades of its existence. After hours, when the place is vacant, it is said that people hear sounds of giggling and the seats banging in the halls. Many employees have reported that they have heard screams coming out of the theatre.

Khadki War Cemetery

haunted places in Pune

The Khadki War Cemetery is reportedly occupied by the ghosts of the soldiers who were buried there. The locals keep away from this place after dark, because they are scared of the paranormal presence. This is certainly not the place for the faint hearted people.

Sinhagad Fort

haunted places in Pune

The myth around the spirits and ghosts of Sinhagad Fort goes centuries back. The villagers who reside in this area have innumerable stories to tell, like hearing war cries from inside the fort around midnight. There are also tales of the Sinhagad fort being haunted by the poltergeist of children who died some years ago, in a bus crash near the area.

Choice Hostel, Karve Road

haunted places in Pune

Besides being one of the most famous boy’s hostels in Pune, Choice Hostel is also home to a lot of ghost activities. Choice Hostel is certainly one of the haunted places in Pune, many people have told the story of spotting the ghost of a little girl roaming around in the corridors, other than hearing howling noises in the middle of the night. Over the years numerous students have left the hostel because they felt scared to death in this haunted hostel. Saturdays are apparently the eeriest especially after sundown.

The Deserted Bungalow on Residency Club Road

haunted places in Pune

Anyone staying in the vicinity of the Residency Club has definitely heard about the haunted bungalow on the street. This deserted house is apparently possessed by the ghost of an elderly woman who keeps a watch on the trespassers. People have heard her screams and laughter come from the haunted bungalow late at night.

Symbiosis Road, Viman Nagar

haunted places in Pune

The road coming from the Symbiosis campus to the CCD outlet has a number of spook stories linked to it. Students have seen, dogs lined up to gape and bark at empty space, and some have even witnessed people faint right on the street while walking alone at night. Some have also heard ringing of bells inside a temple on the road, even when it’s totally empty.

Sinhgad College of Engineering

haunted places in Pune

The college campus is apparently haunted by the ghost of a student who reportedly committed suicide here many years ago. Lots of people have informed about seeing his poltergeist in the premises. A number of students still avoid walking unaccompanied in the campus after dark.

Lady Halima Begum Urdu Primary School, Kondhwa

haunted places in Pune

The school was shut down in 2011, after one of the students reported that she saw a ghost come out of the blackboard. Students quickly rushed out of the building in fright. After the incident classes were suspended for a few days to put everyone at ease, but the stories of existence of the ghost in the school continues to this day.

The Haunted House on MG Road

haunted places in Pune

All the people in the area are familiar with the evil ambiance of the haunted house next to the Grand Hotel. The home has been left deserted by the owners for years now. The story of the house is that a young girl was murdered there. You can still hear her shrieking and cries coming from inside the house at night. Sounds of doors and furniture being tossed around can also be heard.

Gangapuram Society, Viman Nagar

haunted places in Pune

Many residents of this calm and quiet housing complex have witnessed the ghost of a grown-up man around the society, who disappears the moment anyone tries to approach him. He wears a lungi and a shirt and hasn’t ever harmed anyone up till now. However even if, he doesn’t appear wicked, the tenants are spooked out by his mere presence.

Shaniwar Wada Fort

haunted places in Pune

The Shaniwar Wada Fort is one of the haunted places in Pune, it is also one of the most popular destinations in Pune for ghost hunters. There are tales of spirit of a young prince named Narayan Rao Peshwa, who was killed by a family member, who still haunts this fort. The words “kaka mala vachva”, meaning “uncle save me” are often heard coming from the fort on the night of the full moon. Many locals have heard crying and screaming sounds coming from the fort. For these reasons the entry to the fort is restricted after 6:30 pm.


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