Hania Amir Age, Relationship, Career, Hidden Talents, and More

Hania Amir age is 25, and she is already in the mode of world domination with her fantastic acting skills and beauty. With a whopping 6 million Instagram followers, she is one of the names you will hear more often!

Who is Hania Amir

Amir’s quick rise to stardom has surprised many eager people to learn about a new star. Hania Aamir appears mostly in Urdu television and movies.

Her acting career came under the limelight after she appeared in ‘Janaan’ in 2016. The movie was the first directorial effort of Imran Kazmi.

Hania Amir performed the character of a Pashtun woman, portraying the character as fun and mischievous.

The film became a surprise hit and a box-office star, launching the actress into stardom and fame.

Hania Amir age is relatively young, and when you compare it with the massive success she has gained, it creates a fascination in people’s hearts.

She has primarily worked in serials on screen though some notable film projects are under her achievements.

Most fans know her from the hit series ‘Mere Humsafar,’ which has gained much traction on Facebook and YouTube. Find out more about the Pakistani star and how her career began!

The early life of Hania Amir

Hania Amir was born in 1997 on 12th February. Hania Amir age is 25, and she received an alma mater from FAST – NUCES (Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology).

Acting was not something she had previously given much thought to. She was focused on completing her studies and pursuing a corporate job.

But then she heard about audition calls from the debuting filmmaker Imran Kazmi and gave it a try. Hania Amir age was back then 19.

Her audition was excellent, and she got a callback, after which she starred in ‘Janaan’ in 2016. The film opened to positive reviews, and soon the actress became a household name.

The young star found herself getting many offers to act in future projects. Her work in ‘Janaan’ earned her a Lux Style Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Then she donned a different character than her previous one and appeared in the serial ‘Titli’ in 2017. She went on to star in the 2018 melodramatic series ‘Visaal.’

This was not the end for the rising star, as in 2017 and 2018, she appeared in two of the highest–grossing movies in Pakistani cinema.

Hania Amir age and her success surprise many people who are just coming to know about her.

Hania Amir Age

Hania Amir age and her rise to stardom

Amir is in her mid-twenties. After doing a couple of films, she got to work in ‘Na Maloom Afraad 2’ in 2017, an action-pack comedy.

Then in 2018, she starred in ‘Parwaaz Hai Junoon’ in the leading role. The movie was related to aerial combat, and both films opened with blockbusters and critical success.

Her first television appearance was in ‘Anaa’ in 2019, for which the young actress drew many positive praises.

‘Ishqiya’ in 2020 was her next critical hit, where she starred opposite Feroze Khan and Ramsha Khan. She also appeared in ‘Dil Ruba’ in the same year.

She regularly works in two series – Sang-e-Mah and Mere Humsafar.

Her immense popularity can be attributed to her hit roles in television series such as ‘Phir Wohi Mohabbat’ and ‘Mujhe Jeene Do’ in 2017.

The Pakistani sensation has also acted in many telefilms like ‘Band Toh Baje Ga’ in 2018, ‘Pyaar Kahani’ in 2019, and ‘Dil Ke Chor,’ her most recent, in 2021.

Hania Amir also has numerous brand deals and does modeling for print advertisements.

Fame from Mere Humsafar Pakistani drama

Hania Amir stars alongside Farhan Saeed with many well-known actors in the supporting role in the 2021 hit series ‘Mere Humsafar.’

This series propelled the young actress to international fame as clips or shorts of the series became trending on Facebook and YouTube.

Mere Humsafar Pakistani drama has quickly become many people’s guilty pleasure. The series wrapped up in September 2022 with 40 episodes airing on ARY Digital.

You can find Waseem Abbas, Saba Hameed, Hira Umer, Samina Ahmed, Tara Mahmood, and Zoya Nasir in supporting roles.

This series is among the top-rated drama series on Pakistani television, racking in millions of views. The chemistry between the two leads is the driving force behind the drama.

The series has attained an international following. Fans from Bangladesh, Nepal, and India adore the drama series.

The series follows the orphan Hala, who doesn’t have a good life at her house. But then her cousin comes back and then fights the injustice.

He marries her, and the rest of the plot revolves around the couple navigating life and family while also growing as a couple in their relationship.

The series is sweet and romantic and pulls at the heartstrings. That is why the series has so many fans!

Who is Hania Amir husband

You will be surprised to learn that Hania Amir is not married. Even though she portrays a character of a wife in many of her works, she is unmarried.

She was in a relationship with the Pakistani singer Asim Azhar, but they broke up early this year.

The reasons behind their breakup are not entirely familiar, but that doesn’t stop people from speculating.

Many believe that their relationship ended due to a controversy the actress was involved in at that time. But there is no confirmation on this.

When asked about her silence regarding the topic, the young actress commented in an interview that she doesn’t wish to share such personal matters online.

Both celebrities have a massive following online, and things like that can get out of hand when personal information reaches fans.

Currently, she is dating Merub Ali, a social media influencer. Hania Amir husband name is therefore not public knowledge.

She has kept her personal life relatively a secret. That is probably wise, given how much attention she receives worldwide.

Many fans don’t know if Hania Amir husband even exists!

With so many people watching you, you’d like to keep certain things to yourself. When people first came to know her, they probably looked for her name and Hania Amir age.

Hania Amir Age

Final thoughts

Hania Amir is a beautiful and talented actress who is in the public eye a lot. Many people are eager to know Hania Amir age because she looks so young and yet has accomplished so much!

Since she has gained so much attention worldwide, her every action is under scrutiny. That is why the young actress finds herself in some controversies.

She has sung a track from her series ‘Anaa’ that went viral on YouTube. She has a lot of talents and as time goes by we will get to see more of them! Not many can have such an accomplishment at such a young age.

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