Guide to Cannabis Concentrates

Guide to Cannabis Concentrates

Things were more straightforward in the past. You had a joint, you smoked it, end of the story. Now, you could get high in multiple ways, and you feel intimidated by all the possibilities. Even worse, some of the things that you think will get you high will have a soothing effect, and that’s all. At other times, an innocent-looking balm can kickstart your journey to outer space. 

The world has turned on its head. You want to get high, but the amount of new information makes you more anxious than after eating Death Stars and did those bastards sneak up on you. Thankfully, if you continue reading this article, you’ll learn more about cannabis concentrates. Let’s go!

The changing trends

It is hard to argue that Dopesmoker sounds better after smoking a joint, as compared to any other way of providing your body with a precious THC. There is something magical about it. But, more and more people choose cannabis concentrates instead of Flower. Why is it then that the market trends are changing? 

  • The potency. It might be counterintuitive, because it doesn’t seem that a cannabis concentrate could hurt you, and it can’t, but if you are not careful, you might start seeing things in 4D. Or, contact the souls of prehistoric beasts. The name might fool you, but concentrates, are… yeah, several times more potent. No surprise there. Cannabis concentrates might contain up to 80% THC, which means that it is not difficult to reach outer space. Also, you’ll start feeling the effects much more quickly. 
  • They are healthier. If you are smoking a joint, you’ll be inhaling toxins and carcinogens. It is also bad for your lungs. The weed itself won’t kill you, but if you are smoking it regularly, you could start seeing the adverse effects.
  • They are more subtle. Not everyone is a big fan of the smell of weed. Perhaps you want to chill out a bit but don’t want to attract attention. 

Okay, so what types of concentrates can you find on the market?


If you want to try out cannabis concentrates, but don’t want to overdo it, then hash is your best bet. Although among cannabis concentrates it is one of the milder types, it can still be 2, or even 3 times stronger than a regular plant. The technique of production has changed throughout the centuries, but if you want to imagine that you are in ancient Nepal, you know what to do.


Vaping became a popular method of providing your body with THC because it combines the best of two worlds. The element of a “ritual” is retained, and let’s be honest, you cannot argue that it isn’t an important part, but you also avoid inhaling harmful substances. The smell caused by vaping is much less pronounced than if you were smoking, but don’t let it fool you! Some THC vape juices can reach up to 90% THC, which is much. You won’t die, but time will reverse its usual course. You are also likely to meet aliens.


If you aren’t that keen on getting super high, instead, you buy cannabis concentrates because of medicinal reasons, a CBD tincture is your best option. Just drop a few drops into your meal, and consume it. Most tinctures have almost no THC in them, as CBD is the compound that has more positive effects on our health. You won’t get high, but if you want to relieve pain, deal with your anxiety, depression, or reduce acne, you should try out products high in CBD.

Be careful

People who don’t have much experience with weed should be extra careful when trying out cannabis concentrates, especially if they’re trying weed treats or weed gummies. Why? We’ve mentioned it several times already, but they are strong. Not “strong” as in “intense, but cool experience”, but rather “sitting was all that I could do for 5 hours straight”. Although it may seem otherwise, you are not likely to die just because you have consumed too much THC. Weird ideas may appear in your mind, but your inability to act whatsoever will prevent you from doing anything stupid.

What the future holds?

Although in the past, there weren’t many people smoking weed because of its health benefits, they simply wanted to get high, and it was less dangerous than golden brown, the times have changed. Nowadays, most cannabis users are not satisfied by being blasted into space, although it is undeniably one of the crucial elements of the experience. With time, people became more aware of any health issues that could be a result of smoking, which means that alternative methods of providing your body with THC are getting more and more popular. 

A result of those changing trends is that the process of purchasing cannabis products also include weed gummies became much more complicated. The names of those products are often weird sequences of buzzwords, but what you need to focus on is the amount of cannabis they contain. Even if you are used to smoking marijuana, you might discover that just a few puffs of THC vape oil are enough.


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