Guide on How to Convert Your PDF to A PowerPoint Presentation Through PDF Bear

These days individuals are practicing the use of digital documents, reports, and more. Many students, especially university students, are already engaging in ebooks and digital study materials and less of the hard copy books because it enables students to have their copies right in their pockets in just a tap or mouse click.

It isn’t necessary to spend a fortune on printing hard copies or making photocopies since you can keep or save them on your handheld devices. In several universities and workplaces, students, professors, and employees resort to digital papers to conveniently share or distribute their reports to their classmates, students, or co-workers.

Other than PDF, Word documents, and more, Powerpoint presentations are one of the common ways to discuss or create some reporting. There are times that it won’t be manageable to present or report through a PDF.

How to Convert Through PDF Bear

Most file formats can turn into and from a Powerpoint presentation if the device or platform they are using to report does not support PDF documents. If you want to convert your PDF to PPT, you need to go to PDF Bear’s website. PDF Bear will provide their users with great conversion tools for your pdf documents.

This online PDF conversion service offers many excellent tools and functionalities, and the conversion of pdf to ppt is one of them. Their conversion tool is simple, and it also guides their users on how to use their conversion tools. Any person can easily comprehend the guidelines as it is well-explained.

With this conversion tool, users can select the PDF file that they want and wait for the conversion to finish. After the conversion, they can modify anything they want on the converted PPT file, and then they can download it after everything. They may now start reporting their PowerPoint presentation to their classmates or their colleagues.

Advantages of Using PDF Bear’s Tools

With PDF Bear, you don’t need to worry about your security and privacy since PDF Bear values its users’ confidentiality. Just an hour after you finish your transaction in PDF Bear’s tools and resources, your documents that are shared or uploaded will immediately disappear.

Wherever you may be or whichever device you are using, accessing PDF Bear’s tools and resources is not a problem since you can use their tools even with a smartphone. Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems can also access their online PDF tools.

Is it Free to Use PDF Bear’s Conversion Tools?

The conversion tool is free to access, and they also offer a paid daily subscription for 70 dollar cents a day, or 14.99 USD a month. If you are interested in subscribing, then you will have more access to their features with no limits. PDF Bear’s conversion tools are among the most accessible and affordable resources of all time.

Other than a monthly subscription, users may opt for the annual subscription instead of only 99.99 USD. With a yearly subscription, you can save so much more compared to paying monthly.

What Can I Get Benefit As A PRO Member?

As a PRO member, you may access several features that you cannot access with the free version. An example is that you can rename your documents after converting or making some modifications using their online resources.

Unlike the version where you may only upload and convert files that are under 10MB, you can transact documents over 10MB or up to the maximum file size with the PRO subscription. There are so many other features and services you can get as a PDF Bear’s PRO member.


For smooth, secure, and fast online PDF conversions and other services, you can put your trust on PDF Bear as they can offer these kinds of services and functionalities for both free and paid versions. You won’t have to spend a fortune to convert your documents or modify it.

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