Great Ways To Accessorise A Long Dress

Ways To Accessorise

We all love to wear floor-length gowns to formal events, yet there is an art to accessorising a long flowing dress, which we take a look at in this article. Wearing a ball gown, for example, demands the right jewellery and accessories, also the Ways To Accessorise , while a traditional corset-style long dress needs a different approach.

Here are a few cool long dress accessory ideas and Ways To Accessorise to inspire when you are looking to make a good impression.

  • Gold Bangles – Great if you have a dark complexion; search online for a leading jeweller and see what they have. If you like antiques, why not invest in Art Deco bangles with colored precious stones inserted, which go well with hoop earrings. There’s so much jewellery online, you can spend hours browsing, looking for that perfect piece to complete your long dress look. Mix and match with sterling silver, which is all the rage these days and you can build up a good selection of bangles, with the occasional online purchase.
  • Wedge Shoes – If you are planning to wear a long dress, there are lots of cute long prom dresses for sale at Peaches Boutique as well as in other online dress shops. All you have to do is to be patient and browse through the many options on offer. When you find the long dress you want, why not choose a pair of wedge shoes with ankle straps? Wearing an ankle chain would also work with this outfit and perhaps a bright, contrasting color to add balance to the look.

  • Red Leather Handbag – This goes with most colors and styles. Check out the online fashion accessories store, where they have a search feature that enables you to easily find bags of all shapes, colors and sizes. Of course, red is just a suggestion; it very much depends on your dress and skin tone, but a bright color is sure to add something to your look.
  • Silver Belt – These were all the rage in the sixties and we are seeing a comeback, with some amazingly intricate designs in sterling silver. A matching silver clutch bag really works for a formal event. Check out Google Images for stunning examples of metallic belts; extra-long allows for a nice hang!
  • Vintage Luxury Watch – What’s not to like about a stunning Rolex, in yellow gold? Invest in at least one luxury timepiece and you will get a good return with stylish accessorising. The online antique dealer is the person to see regarding vintage luxury watches. Browse their extensive catalogue and choose a sexy evening watch, or one that you can wear every day. These watches actually appreciate in value and, of course, they need regular servicing and maintenance, as you would expect with such delicate items.
  • Shawl – Perfect for those chilly fall evenings, wool makes for a warm covering and the online supplier has you covered, with so many unique designs, light and heavy. This is perfect for an off-the shoulder dress and by searching online for designer prom dresses, you can view a great selection of stunning long dresses, all at very affordable prices.

The Internet hosts a wealth of resources and if you want a few more accessory ideas and Ways To Accessorise for that special long dress, Google is your best friend.


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